Monday, 3 January 2011

Flood 2011

As more photos arrive via email of friends in serious trouble, the extent of damage caused by this flooding starts to hit home.

These friends live on the McKenzie River north of Dingo.  Their house is on high ground, the workers' cottage looks like having water through it, and most paddocks are underwater.

If you see this tractor on ebay anytime soon, my advice, steer clear.

 This turkeys nest should be the only thing holding water in this paddock.

All this water has to make it to Rockhampton yet. And the sooner the better for these people.


  1. This looks very much the gulf country flooding of two years ago, can only hope the central country gets a little more govt assistance than the gulf country people! Amazing amount of water...hate to think of the stock being washed away.
    Great photos. Hope at least you've got some good rain - shock horror, I might have to start watering the garden again up here, haven't had a shower of rain for a couple of days!

  2. It's difficult to take in the magnitude of what is happening in Qld at present; the sheer vastness and expanse of water is unbelievable unless you see it for real or in pictures like these...and to think that some places are still awaiting the arrival of the water...well, how must they be feeling. This morning we tallied up the repair bill for G's CQ and western properties and, well, that's frightening too, with months and months of fencing and road repairs ahead of the guys up there.

    Yes I will tell D the name of the blog so that he can keep up with what we're doing - and he is going to "let" me be his "friend" on Facebook which is something he has resisted so far. With email, Skype and fb I should be able to keep in pretty good touch. He is looking forward to receiving actual letters and parcels and I'm looking forward to having someone to send them to! I see so many nice cards and envelopes but haven't bought them because of a lack of addressee so it will be nice to indulge myself.

    Really like the new banner too. Your photos are great.



  3. Oh! I am sooooooooooo sorry for you! Hugs and prayers coming your way!




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