Friday, 21 January 2011

A Gift

With four children in the family, people delight in making comparisons between siblings.  As a result there seems to be a constant striving by each to make their mark as an individual.

Sarah is gifted with a whip, recently perfecting a one in each hand repertoire, enough to have all the working dogs cowering at the back of their cages (do we now realise why Fred lit out when he did)?

Wallace, at just eight years of age is a talented chess player, delighting in whupping his mother whilst she folds mountains of washing.

Sally, just six, considers herself somewhat of a horse whisperer.  At four years of age terrifying her father when he looked up from the yards where we were working to see her riding her horse bridle-less and saddle-less, with a piece of baling twine hitched around horse's nose and back to rider.  When questioned as to the logic of her actions, she replied "It's alright Dad, I'm an Indian"!!!

Jess is a wonderful cook, keeping us stocked up with biscuits, cakes and slices, yet also able to put her hand to whipping up complete meals.

She's recently realised her newest skill.  One which no other child is capable of.

A genetic gift inherited from her father.  The ability to separate first and second fingers from third and fourth.

They've since formed a club.


  1. Now that is funny, Fiona. I can do that, too - I had no idea genetics were involved! J x

  2. I can do it too! with a little thought - must try on the kids and test the genetic theory! (and/or their co-ordination skills!)

  3. I had no idea that genes were involved either...I can do this and am now wondering which of my children can too.

  4. Well I have joined the "can-do" club also!
    I must test it on my friends.
    Colin (HB)

  5. Love hearing more about your kids.

    I had a friend who could play the song "Knick Knack Paddy Whack" with two stockwhips... It was fascinating but slightly scary to watch.

  6. Hey Jess, me too, 'cept I don't look as pretty!

  7. i love, love that each person in a family has their own special gift/talent. it really is amazing to see.

    your kids are precious!

  8. Oh how each post makes me yearn to move to the countryside. My kids have taken up English riding, which is a lot different from Western riding (as I'm sure you know). I love the story of your daughter riding with twine. I swoon over your dailies, which is why I'm such a devout follower... XOL

  9. LOL - my H loves to do this too.

    I've just been reading your last few posts and am still marvelling at your photos ... the are each worth a thousand words.

  10. Fiona, I love your posts and I envy your life just a little bit! Your kids are gorgeous (ps I can do that too!)



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