Thursday, 6 January 2011

It's a Dog's Life

Working dogs live to work.

Whether it's steadying weaners on their first day out of the yard, racing through timber to bend a tear-away old rogue, heading to the farthest corner to gather grazing cows or steadily bringing the old milker into the yards. 

The job description does not include entertaining the boss's children during school holidays.
Or does it?

Yesterday, four kids, three dogs, a remote controlled monster truck and one rogue butterfly headed for the closest dam.  With a week of sunshine, the grass is growing rapidly, biting insects prevail and humidity levels are through the roof.

Steel, who has a particular dislike of all things wet, suffered through a morning of water-activities with Sally taking command.
"Come in, the water's great".


"Don't get out yet"

"Well, you might like this a bit more"

"You just hang on"

Meanwhile Ruby endured her own pain

 but may have got even with some of these manoeuvres

while Jessie and Wallace entertained themselves,



Fred and I, with the wisdom of age, stayed high and dry.


  1. Gorgeous pics, love the last one of you and Fred.

  2. Beautiful dogs, beautiful kids. Loved it.

  3. normally I'm with you, sitting on the bank supervising, but the past few days up here have been that hot, I've moved a few feet downwards and have been quite happy sitting in the water instead! quite a pleasant way to spend a morning!

    Great photos! (and poor dogs, one can see the unhappiness on their faces!

  4. oh..i love ya'll hats!!!!

    i wonder if they could be found here in the U.S.?

    you have very cute kids and a hardworking dog :)

  5. I'm with you and Fred. Excellent photo of the dog shaking itself. It all looks like a great way to pass the time.

  6. Fiona

    How is the mosquito problem up there?
    The news of the floods just seem to go from bad to worse - if that is possible.
    Did you hear on the news that a cow (?) washed down a river up in your region was located swimming 12 klms out to sea on the way to Great Keppel Island! Unbelievable!
    Colin (HB)

  7. Colin, I did hear that.
    Many stories of cows turning up in unexpected places. Poor creatures, they'd be rather stressed I imagine. Mosquitoes haven't been an issue, just sandflies. They will be the next torture for livestock.
    Thanks for the concern.

  8. Love the way farm kids utilise a water trough!! Great pic of you and Fred - such a faithful friend!!

  9. What classic photos, Fiona! Especially the doggy water shake ☺. It's brilliant to see how your children can amuse themselves. And such a pleasure to see (some of) you in the last photo! J x

  10. Looks like the rain has quit - yea! Nothing like a dog and kids :) Super sweet photos!

  11. Hi Fiona, have just discovered your wonderful blog.I grew up in Central Queensland (coastal though) and it is so heartbreaking to see all the flooding chaos. It is pouring in Brisbane today, I hope you guys aren't getting any of it!

  12. Fiona I just had to laugh at that poor dogs face. No love for the water...playing in the tub-okay, getting out of the tub and getting! I love the photo of you and Fred you should frame it!


  13. arrived here via sharon...wonderful images

    looks like a fun day

  14. Ah yes. Visitor's kids never seem to understand that the working dog prefers to chase cattle, that the farm cat prefers its own space, that the cattle don't actually want to be petted .... but they'll learn. Eventually. I hope!



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