Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Milking It

Meet Priscilla.

She's a fully-paid-up member of 'Team RockWallaby'.
A purebred Jersey, Priscilla is a rather quiet and unassuming type,
not prone to getting into mischief, never causing much trouble,
in fact an absolute delight to have in our team...

... unless of course you lock her baby in the calf-yard overnight.

Then she gets downright boisterous.
Bossy even.

Fortunately for her, her produce is so good we are willing to forgive any indiscretions.
She gets milked only twice a week, providing us with enough of this beautiful creamy liquid to satisfy all our needs.  Creamier custards, flavoursome cheese sauces and ice-cold banana Qwiks all compliments of our Priscilla.

Who when not being the lifeblood of our team, is busy rearing her gorgeous daughter Tilly.


  1. So pleased to meet you, Priscilla! You look the picture of contentment with Tilly. J x

  2. Good grief, Fiona.
    A Brahman x pure bred Jersey calf!
    Or was the calf the result of an
    insemination method?
    Quite interesting to see.
    Colin (HB)

  3. 10 out of 10 for you Colin.
    The calf is indeed a purebred Brahman implanted into the milker as an embryo.
    We do quite a lot of embryo-transfer work, resulting in paddocks of multi-coloured recipient females rearing purebred Brahman calves. Only the very lucky ones end up with a milker as a mama!

  4. Shes sure a pretty girl. Makes me miss having fresh milk. I asked the hubby to milk one of ours but hes not interested casue he doesnt like milk. I told him I would drink all the milk if he milks her, but still a no go, lol.

  5. I love Jersey cows! They are my most favorite, then the brown swiss. She is lovely to look upon!

    I also am enjoying your green grass we are -6* here. Everything is fogged in and cold.

    The horrible floods are starting to show up on national televsion here, but of course they only show the milder parts (which are bad enough).

    Prayer and hugs for you and your country men.


  6. boy, she has some milk!

    sadly, milking a cow is just one skill I cannot "get" dad tried and tried when I was a kid//teen to teach me (we grew up on cows milk, and getting the cow in was one of our jobs) but I just don't have the knack.

    Our neighbours have fresian cross cows (yes plural) and they raise stray poddies as well as milk for the family - at the moment I think there is six on two cows (but in the dry, up to five on one good old cow) one things for sure, they sure do have their own unique personalities!



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