Sunday, 9 January 2011

Mirror, mirror...

Our second daughter Jessie is quite a contradiction.
She turns up at the breakfast table most mornings dressed like this:

and reminds me very much of another Jessie:

"I love a good adventure".

Other days she answers to Princess Jessie and we question her genetics.
She's been in town the past two days, her turn for some special time with grandparents.
This mirror of Jessie's hangs in the room she and older sister Sarah share, it was a Christmas gift, one her father deemed most fitting for a princess.  He wondered if we'd ever find her away from it.

This morning Sarah opened the shuttered mirror to find the following:

Aah, sisterly love!


  1. I commend her excellent spelling!

  2. Sassy hey!! Forethought and planning ahead for an expected outcome....Jess will do well in life with traits like these. Did you burst out laughing when you saw it? I did!

  3. What a crack-up, Fiona! Love it. Ah, go sibling rivalry ☺. J x

  4. now that is funny!

    i love your pictures!!!

  5. Funny girl! What a cheeky spirit!



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