Monday, 3 January 2011

More of the Same...

Homestead situated at Duaringa close to the Dawson River:

Cattle can be seen on the small patch of dry ground:

This is the Hastings Deering building on the outskirts of Rockhampton with the river still set to rise close to a metre:

These cattle (and horses - bottom photo) were being swum by chopper about two kilometres to higher ground:

The northern highway (our link to town) remains open with talk that tomorrow will see it close.  No real affect to us.


  1. Great post Fiona. Really almost impossible to visualise if the photos were not available.
    Thank the lucky stars that you are on high ground above the flood level, so your stock should be safe.
    The TV news wasn't too encouraging this morning - more expected!!!
    Thanks for showing the World what it is really like.
    Take care
    Colin (HB)
    Brisbane. ("Quacksville").

  2. Gosh Fiona, that looks drastic. Is that your livestock in the photos? I hope you're all ok up there...

  3. Unbelievable pics.

    Love the new header.



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