Sunday, 2 January 2011

Of droughts and flooding rains

As water from the Nogoa, Dawson, Isaac, McKenzie, Comet and Belyando River systems all makes its way into the mighty Fitzroy which winds its way through the regional city of Rockhampton enroute to the Pacific, many are preparing for record-breaking flood levels.  All along this mighty river system we are hearing stories of never before seen water levels.  Stock are being floated away, crops lost and houses inundated.

This photo from a friend's place shows their yards which are located five kilometres from the river.  With the river still set to rise 1.5 metres, one can only imagine the spread of water.  We are personally unaffected by floods.  We are a long way from the river system and perched on a stony ridge at that.

With talk that Rockhampton would be totally isolated today, with both south and westbound road systems already cut, and the threat of the northern highway closing sometime today, we headed to town Friday for supplies.  Alarming is the fact that the floodwater will remain at such heights for possibly two weeks.  Toilet paper was my main real concern, as it was apparently everybody else's, for their was none left for us!

This view from the driver's window shows the water reaching the highway at Yaamba, where the highway will cut as the river continues to rise, expected to reach its peak by Tuesday of this week.

This lake, just last week 1200 acres of cultivation belonging to friends at Blackwater is now being travelled over in a dinghy as opposed to a John Deere tractor.  Sixty percent of their place is underwater, cattle clinging to the dry spots.

Imagine the fencing to be done once this water subsides.

Other friends at Duaringa have flung the gates of their feedlot on four and a half thousand head of cattle, their main feed mixer is bogged beyond help and cattle have been put out into a breeder paddock.

As stories continue to emerge of homes waterlogged, valuable farming and grazing country deluged and lives displaced, our thoughts are with all those affected.


  1. Amazing photos, particularly the "lake" that was a paddock. Must be heartbreaking for everyone affected.

  2. Wow, these are amazing photos. It's so nice to see 'real' photos, which gives me a true feeling. I feel so sad for the farmers, ranchers, and those sweet cows... I am glad to hear your home will be safe. XOL

  3. Hope you remain safe and the toilet paper lasts out!

  4. Would you like an emergency supply of loo paper sent via Australia Post from down here in NSW?

    On a serious note, how are you going for supplies? Are you able to get to any town nearby?

    Your photos and stories are so sad to see and read about. We're thinking of all Queenslanders at the moment.

  5. Yikes, stay safe and I do hope the toilet paper lasts out too ;)

  6. Thanks so much for these informative flood posts, Fiona. I have been wondering how you're faring. It's fascinating and eye-opening for a city girl like me. My thoughts are with you all up in the big Q. J x



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