Sunday, 30 January 2011

Operation "Cows Away"

With trucks unable to access "Chabo" due to running creeks and impassable bogs, horses were trucked to the neighbours' yards and the ringers rode several kilometres into "Chabo".

Saturday provided some cloud cover, a pleasant relief to the sultry Summer days we've experienced over the previous week.  Destination Chabo was reached just in time for a morning tea of cream buns and coffee, no salted beef and damper for these modern cowboys.

Chabo is rejoicing in the wonderful season we've enjoyed, resulting in postcard perfect views in every direction.

Our young team members did us proud, following Dad's lead and keeping in position.

Jessie steadied the lead

while Sarah and Sal kept the tail wagging,

When Sally wasn't searching for a photographic opportunity...

(and again here)

she was a great help to the operation.
Wallace helped out on the tail and moved up the wing when given the hand signal from Dad.

The dogs helped out when necessary, Fred deciding the cowboy to cow ratio was far too high and opted to ride on the bike with me much of the way.

Dad scouted ahead keeping neighbouring cattle away from the mob, and had to go into battle with a certain young mickey intent on joining our group.

At the end of the day all were pleased to see the neighbour's yards and cows were yarded without incident.

With clouds looming, due to the very southern reach of Cyclone Anthony, we were fortunate to get the cattle out when we did.

Home now, the rain is bucketing down.


  1. What a life you are giving those children! I have tears in my eyes thinking what wonderful adults they'll become.

  2. You are SO bloody lucky, I could scream.
    What a beautiful way to grow up.
    Such a beautiful Land.

  3. I have recently discovered your blog and am really enjoying looking at the gorgeous photos of life in the bush. Brings back so many memories of my own childhood. What lucky kids!

  4. What a Great Day, love reading your posts.

  5. Great picture tour! Hope you don't get hit by the cyclone.....stay dry!

  6. Such beautiful, beautiful photos...I would love to live in the country.

  7. wow, beautiful contryside.

    i LOVE that you all work together...that is awesome!!

  8. Great pictures of what we would call a "cattle drive"! The cattle look in great shape--beautiful horses. The youngun's seem to work really well together. The countryside is so pretty. Am hoping the cyclones don't hit you too hard.


  9. It so nice when the weather is nice - what could have been a rotten stinking hot most un-enjoyable day looked rather lovely and pleasant! (and obviously Fred is a smart dog!)my kids would have loved to have joined the gang...

    not much rain here from TC Anthony, some wind and drizzle last night, and heavy clouds right now, but suspect the wetter stuff will be down your way (we could actually do with a bit more up here!)

  10. Wonderful, wonderful... just what we having waiting for us in the not too distant future... only on a smaller scale. gxo

  11. Great report on the "muster", Fiona and it brought back many memories for me in my youth. Thanks heaps.
    Hope Cyclone "Anthony" didn't cause you any flooding, but the monster expected on Thursday, delightfully called "Yasi", and probably bigger and more destructive than a previous one, called "Larry", is a REAL worry.
    I guess your area will be affected for sure. Great to know that the cattle are at least on high ground and safe from any flooding.
    I really would love to know why cyclones are given "nice" names, I am sure I could supply far more suitable names???????
    Stay safe and batten down.
    Colin (HB)

  12. Another brilliant post, Fiona. Your photos always make me smile, especially Sally's big grin! J x

  13. Its getting that way a bloke needs a fag and two stubbies to get through the comments on your blog!

  14. Looks like a great weekend. Iit must be very satisfying to have all that work done especially now that the rain has come again. Lovely photos.



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