Thursday, 27 January 2011

Our Australia Day

We headed to the hills of Chabo yesterday in search of green grass and fat cows.

And found both to be in fruitful abundance.  As were bywashing dams, running creeks, damaged flood fences and many cattle in wrong paddocks!  A particularly busy Australia Day resulted.

Matthew and his team of two set out on bike, mustering the mountain country with Dad and me along for moral support, and possibly a small amount of advice.

The heat of the day combined with the length of the grass meant these workers were looking for shade and water at every opportunity.

With cows in, we drafted off fat cows destined to the meatworks this coming weekend, other heifers we did an early preg-test on to test the efficiency of a new bull running with them, (he got the tick of approval) and other young cattle to send back to the mountain country.

With the road still too wet in parts to allow a truck through, we will head up again this weekend with horses on board.  Unloading at the neighbour's yards we will ride in, gather our meatworks cows and drive them back out to the neighbours. 

The four youngest ringers are most excited.


  1. Hi Fiona! Yep, back in the land of blog. Have missed you but did check in on you (being one of my favourite reads) from time to time :) :) xx

  2. Stunning photography. Beautiful puppies. Handsome, rugged husband. Impeccable narration as usual.

  3. I always love your photos. The dogs look like they had a long day. Bet they loved it though. So much lovely feed for your cattle too.

  4. ah, green grass and fat cows. what could be better - even the inconvenience of not being able to get the truck in/out - its part of the fun of a good wet season! (and nothing burns more than the sun bouncing off that green grass!)hope the kids have fun with their little "droving trip"!(and their first week of school has gone well!)

  5. i love the pictures. the country side is a bit different than over here.

    i agree with the comment you left on my homeschool post. yes, you are totally raising kids to be hard workers who are great members of society! many, many kids over here sit on the couch all day and play video games or watch TV...sigh.

  6. Big Matty, looks like you have another wingman.
    Let's hear it for Madam Restora!

  7. Hi, am back on the planet. Great way to spend Australia Day and as has already been said, great photos again. Enjoy the weekend, it sounds like it's going to be a big one. Take Care. M.

  8. It sounds like so much to do - how do you do it all? And blog?! Lovely photos :) XOL

  9. Fiona
    That high country after all the rain looks in great condition for the fattening of your stock. Pity about the broken fences and the work now to have to re-muster and seperate the cattle into their correct groups. Still I guess the young ones will enjoy the experience on horseback. I know I always did, way back years ago!
    Great photography.



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