Thursday, 13 January 2011

Remember This?

It was yesterday I think.

Wasn't it?

Back when a mesh bag of bath-toys hung from the tap. When little hooded bath towels lined the bathroom wall in age order. When we sang songs and splashed and everybody loved bathtime. 

How things change.

And whilst I never wish to be one of those mothers who say things like:

"You don't know how lucky you are"
"You want to enjoy them at that age"
"Just wait till they're crawling"
"................................ walking"
".................................going to school"
"You've got it easy"
"Just wait till they're reaching things out of the top drawer"
"............................... teenagers"
"............................... starting music lessons"
"You don't know you're alive"
"Just wait till they start driving"

While I've no need to point out that there are bumpy roads on the parenthood journey, that every age has its ups and downs, its trials and tribulations, its tears and smiles and while I would never wish to sabotage your parental happiness with threats of what's to come, there is something you need to know.

One area that has spiralled downwards over my eleven years of parenting.


For when they were this big, bathtimes were so simple.  You wash her back, you wash his and you wash hers, and I'll be back in a minute to rub a washer over all of you.  Splish, splash, fun and games.

These days, it's "Wallace, get in the shower mate".  "But Mum, I was first yesterday ... it's not my turn ... why do I always have to go first ... I'm not even dirty ... but Muuuuuuummm"

Followed by "Wallace, get out of the shower ... there are six of us to have showers you know ... it's Sarah's turn ... it's rainwater you know ... other people in this house want a hot shower too you know ... GET OUT OF THE SHOWER !!!"

The bathing process that used to take ten minutes now drags on for an hour or more.

So, in fear of being one of 'those mothers' I will say "just wait till they're bathing themselves".


  1. oh yes, I only have three, and I mourn the fact that 1. they really are too old and are too big to all fit in the bath tub together (although they do, on occassion, still do!)2. they all want to shower or bathe alone, drawing out the process even further and most importantly 3. winter time is going to be tragic for all concerned if mum gets a cold water shower, and enforced showers together will be taking place whether they like it or not!

    and this very relaxed coming in late for baths and showers summer routine is going to take some serious cracking once school starts...sigh.

  2. A classic post, Fiona. I relate to so much of it. Except we're still at the *little* stage. My, to think what lies ahead of us! Oh, and I left you something on my post today. J x

  3. Great Fiona.
    Brings back memories of my Moree/Boomi days, in the 1950s. An area now being subected to flooding from the Gwyder/Baron and then way down Darling River - why the multiple names for one waterway??? - and various creeks.

    But then it was water out of pipes from the wood stove! All water from the homestead tanks, and when my mother said "Out" - she meant OUT. Or a red backside you would end up with!!!
    Funny days indeed. Still Brisbane at a standstill and no e-mail access for me - maybe by Saturday?????
    The CBD is still without power so I have been told. The Emergency Services, Police and Military are doing amazing work.
    Great report to revive old memories - thanks.
    Colin (HB)

  4. Love this post. Super cute photo of your kids too. I love bathtime, the kids just have so much fun.

  5. Yes, I remember that mesh bag hanging off the tap. Mine also don't want to go first/ in the middle/ last and the boy especially won't get out when you eventually get him in. Growing up, aren't they!?

  6. What a great photo - it's definitely one for the slideshow at their 21st parties.

  7. Mine are still little, but bathtime's not easy. They fight over the toys. Someone will splash water into someone's eyes. Someone will try to scramble out. Noone wants their face washed! Unless I sit at the side of the bath and sing songs to them, which is lovely but I really could be doing something else. Maybe I'll start knitting at bathtime!

  8. oh my gosh...there sure are bumps everywhere in the parenthood journey lol

    my only words of wisdom...5 & 7 year olds get over things MUCH quicker than 19 yo sigh!!!

  9. oh I can definitely relate to this!!

  10. Oh god, Fiona, I haven't any tips at all.
    I am about about a 4/10 on that little inspiring piece. Ha. If that, the kids would argue a 1/10 today because I have been head down, bum up in their rooms all day swearing & cursing & telling them to take care of their own lunches. HA. Not a happy lot I can tell you. Gosh you don't think people will think thats MY day to day life do you.
    Now that would be HILARIOUS.
    Its just something I read each day to give myself a little push further in the right direction.


  11. fabulous post! I have three that 'just' still all fit in the bath. Not for much longer be thinks.

  12. lol - I have 2 and even with 2 the spiral has been the same. Till 4 & 5 bathtime was nearly fun. Now we have the same process of getting into the bath "but muuuummmm", "get" and then "hurry up & get out your tea is getting cold".



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