Sunday, 16 January 2011


Almost two months ago the Main Roads Department saw fit to spend thousands of dollars driving up and down our highway, clearing roadside trees and mulching them.  Much of the resulting mulch was returned to towns for use in public gardening projects, roundabouts and the like.  Some fortunate roadside dwellers were also given some if they so desired.  I most gratefully jumped at the opportunity and asked for as much as they were prepared to spare.

Bogging the first truck they sent through the gate, I found myself the recipient of one load of mulch only.  Deposited at the yards, some distance from our house.

So earlier this week Sarah and I set about hooking the trailer to the quad-bike, gathering up some shovels and set off.  After much shovelling, sweating, huffing, puffing and more sweating, we had filled our trailer and not left so much as a slight indent in the mulch-pile.  With approximately 154 trailer loads to go, we decided to call in the big guns.

Enter the mechanised She-Devil.

Better suited to a museum display, this old beast was one of Matthew's Clearance Sale finds.   An antiquated loader, prerequisites to driving her include a steely determination, overpowering personality and a Charles Atlas physique. 

Enter Mummy.

158 trips from house to yards to house, 79 bucket loads of mulch, 356 pot holes, 172 aching muscles, three chiropractic visits and a physiotherapist appointment later, the gardens are mulched.


  1. Cripes! You don't do things by halves, Fiona ☺. You country women are made of strong (and impressive) stuff. J x

  2. oh, I could only dream of having her antiquity at my place - having a bottomless pile of mulch sitting outside my garden as well...its wheel barrow and shovel for me, my trailer was repossesed and now holds a generator! And my goodness, that brunfelsia there (I think? or geisha girl) is looking healthy!

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    hope this helps!

  3. Oh good girl! Our loader isn't quite so ancient but I'm not going anywhere near it!!

  4. I love this post! I have spent the last few days debarking oak posts for our yard and think I might need your chiro's number! From one country she devil to another.

  5. She's quite a machine - and so is the loader! Good job girls. Re Drew's menu - with only 10 more sleeps to go before he jets off, I find I can deny him nothing! We are off today to do the shopping that we postponed from last Monday. We had originally planned to go to Twba last Monday; so thankful now that we couldn't get through. We're just going to shop local as the store we wanted to go to was washed away. We need to buy thermals, beanie, gloves and warm sox just for his initial arrival-the other important cold weather gear will be purchased over there. We need a Wallaby's jersey and a new bag; the Canadian dollars should be at the post office today. Then we'll just be sweating on the new visa card and the study permit arriving, all held up by the floods. I don't feel sick yet but it's building. M.

  6. hey Fiona, I gave you a bum steer, you do need to have the box ticked in"show your email" (but it doesnt really show it to everyone) when you edit your profile. cheers!

  7. wow, that must have been some pile of mulch!

  8. Your hubby and mine love the reliable old equpment! Beside that they are affordable. AND they don't have so much computer stuff they are hard to repair.


  9. Wow that sounds like a lot of work! But it sure looks nice when its done!

  10. A beautiful job well done.

    Wish I had a "she devil"....

  11. hi fiona, it's me again! :)

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    thank you! :)



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