Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Sun Shone Brightly

...on these last days of our school holidays.

Tomorrow sees us head into Grades 1, 3, 5 and 7 at our small primary school.  The last year of all four of them together at school.  With boarding school looming, next year doesn't bear thinking about at this stage.

This past week has been a rather mixed bag, as can so often be the case. 

A trip to town for three new lunchboxes, two new backpacks, twenty-four pairs of crisp clean white socks, a visit to the movies, some hair-trimming and an ear-piercing for a very nearly ten year old...

greatly enhancing her feminine style as can be clearly seen.

A fair amount of horse-riding action abounded

with bareback tiggy in the houseyard very popular,

lawn aeration a beneficial extra.

There was swinging,

just a little sleeping-in,

and a little vege gardening thrown in. 

A crop of sorghum resulting from Matthew and the kids throwing seed by hand in one of the empty pig  paddocks has obviously enjoyed the inclement conditions throughout December 

and these girls are eagerly anticipating relocation.

Matthew and I have spent the weekend alternating between the back end of a cow and a microscope, with five Brangus heifers flushed yesterday resulting in the freezing of 46 embryos, an extremely pleasing result.  These embryos destined for transplant at Blackwater as soon as weather conditions and river levels allow.  Today, we headed north to implant 42 Brangus embryos resulting from flushing purebred Angus cows to Brahman bulls.

And remember last week's mulching effort.  I'm in a fair bit of trouble with the powers that be, over an unexplained flatness to one tyre.

Not exactly what we needed late on this Sunday afternoon.


  1. what a great post, covering so many topics!
    1. not ready for years 1 and 3 here, and the boy greatly excited about the prospect of kindy in town once a week. mother not so excited about any of it, and have NOT been anywhere to replenish the very sad sock supply just yet! and as for year seven, i can't bear the thought NOW, let alone then, and especially if the govt brings in the year 7 into middle school, means our kids might have to go away in year 6 instead...shudder....
    2. your kids ride well...mine don't get near their horses often enough...sigh
    3.I have that very same metal garden chook! I {heart] bunnings! ;-)
    4. wish my vege garden was looking like yours! expensive veges won't be a concern at your place!
    5. husband here still lamenting on how I "slightly" bent tractor exhaust pipe, when he totally ripped the whole thing off not long after - but apparently its "not the same!" they get so precious about their tractors!

  2. I really love the photo of your tankstand and geraniums...

    Hope you have a great week.

  3. the top picture is so simple and beautiful!

    i always enjoy all your pics~

  4. Always wonderful photos... I pleased the sun was shining. What a difference that can make to your spirits! gxo

  5. Gorgeous pics, I am familiar with the last one too. Happy school days to you all, we have 1 more week yet. bushbellesxo

  6. What a super blog - I'll be dropping by for a visit from time to time too! We used to live west of Goondiwindi - where do you live?

    xx Amy - your newest follower.

  7. You are in spring...what lovely photos to gaze upon. I can but dream...


  8. WOw sure a lot has happened and it all looks so nice out!

  9. Oh, you are making me miss Australia. I can't wait to get back there one day. I found the boarding school thing very interesting. Great results on your embryo work! And what to you mean by meatworks cattle?

  10. Goodness, I ended up on the wrong farm! Your farm looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Love the photo of your kiddos riding - especially bareback :) Impressive! XOL



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