Sunday, 9 January 2011

Week 1, 2011

It's been a good week at Rock Wallaby, this first week of 2011.

The last week of Matthew's holidays.  The last week of the phone not ruling our lives.

We managed to string together more than two consecutive days of sunshine, although two storms at the end of the week resulted in 3 inches Thursday afternoon and nearly 2 Friday.  The laundry flooded on both occasions. In light of the suffering of so many flood-affected people at this time, I will not complain about having to mop my laundry... twice! 

Dry gullies are no longer dry.

We fit in some cattlework early in the week, all six of us saddling up on what was the hottest day of the season thus far. 

Is it just me, or do you get the feeling they're tiring of me constantly taking photos?

I put the little kids' single beds back into bunk-form, freeing up some more playing space.  We cleared the toy box of broken, unloved and outgrown toys, a similar cleansing of the bookcase, leaving at least one room of the house in a semi-pristine state, albeit temporary.

We mowed ... twice.  And will have to again today!  We mulched all the vege garden area.

We packed away the Christmas adornments.

The very last of this season's babies were born.

I finished "To Kill a Mockingbird"... again.

We doctored a baby calf suffering from an infected navel, Matthew inserting a needle to remove as much pressure as possible, gave him a shot of penicillin and sent him on his way, wary of humans for ever more. 

We fit in a town trip, involving a dental visit for all, and marvelled at the floodwaters yet again.

And we cooked.   

And ate.

For come Monday, it's deprivation day. Time again for early morning walks, carb-cutting and drink-denial.

The Christmas season is officially over!


  1. I love this post. I hear you on the carb cutting & drinking. ha. It's operation cut down here. I have the husband dairy & gluten free for awhile, to cut down on his bad habits of ice coffee & fluffy white carbs. Anything Gluten free tastes like cardboard to him so he is losing weight without even knowing it.
    I am on a mission to lose the pesky "baby wieght" ha. He's four. I thought it about time.

  2. Beautiful looking herd of cattle, Fiona. Thankfully all appear safe from the flood waters. The flooding photo shown is not the best of sights for those in low lying areas.
    When the rain stops you will probably have to have radar contact to find the cattle in the long grass!!! Great to know that your homestead and cattle are all above the flood levels.
    Presently here in Brisbane, you could take your surfboard and surf the waves in the street - it is ("naughty word") down! Been like this all day - I hope this rain doesn't go north to make things, if possible (?), worse for all you good folk.
    Great blog on the present situation for the "Fiona archives".
    Colin (HB)

  3. Oh don't remind me I have to be good on the food front. I'm trying... really I am!

  4. Lovely photos, as always. Did you make that cake? I could reach through the screen and eat that whole thing! XOL

  5. I'm starting to look for more rain up here, but mostly because I am lazy and don't feel like watering...I'm sure we shall get our fair share although not looking for quite as much as around Rocky!
    and yes, its operation "flab be gone" here too - the kids have been riding and I;ve been on foot leading the boy...

  6. You all are such a delight ..America would go mad for a reality show of your family...

  7. Hi. I had the same feeling last week that the festive season was done and dusted and 2011 was under way. Ditto on the phone comment except holidays don't make a difference here - we are ruled by it 24/7/365. Drives me crazy. Sometimes I want to throw it out the window or jump up and down on it.

  8. Cripes, you fit a lot into a week up there, Fiona. Most impressive. Now can you just cut me a slice of that chocolate cake, please?! J x

  9. You are an amazing cook/chef! Like you I'm back on my diet, but not until the 19th...I want to have my birthday cake and ice cream First!


  10. LOL the guys around here are so USE to me and my camera they quit ducking their heads. Just keep at it. I'm back on the diet wagon yet again too.

  11. I love this post - gorgeous photos of your property and your cattle - and your baked goodies! I hope you haven't suffered too much with this wet wet weather...

    Oh, and your farm looks anything but a 'rough little block'!



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