Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Ahoy Cap'n

This week, at a special school assembly, students fortunate enough to be elected to school leadership positions were presented with their badges and congratulated by the school community.

May I present:

Captain of Delta Sports House


School Captain 2011.

Yeah, yeah I know.

But it's my blog, and I'll brag if I want to!


  1. Brag away! What gorgeous girls you have. I am sure they will do brilliantly in their roles.


  2. You must be as proud as punch & rightly so.
    You have Beautiful girls

  3. How fabulous! Gee, you've raised them well, Fiona - now you're reaping the benefits. Just gorgeous. J x

  4. I'm almost crying here!

    Congratulations, young ladies!

  5. Congratulations girls, well done!!Brag all you want Mum, always happy to listen to any proud Mum.
    Fiona, I grew up in Gladstone. Looks like Marlborough is a similar distance north as Gladstone is south.
    Excitement for me growing up was going to the Northside Plaza and dreaming about being on 'Holiday fun and Games' on school holidays.

  6. BRAG! You have got two wonderful daughters -
    Jessie and Sarah or if you like, to show no favouritism, Sarah and Jessie!
    Brag as much as you like - you do have something to brag about.
    You, Fiona and the "better half" - oops, well we, males, have to stick together! - must be as pleased as PUNCH!
    Also great tribute from you to your brother. I sure got a lot of laughs - wonder do my two sisters and brother think the same of me????
    Being the eldest in the family, is not always the best - parents seem to experient with us!
    Great blog - congratulations.
    Colin (HB)

  7. You have every reason to brag, what wonderful young Australians. Living on a farm and following you from New South Wales, thank you for sharing, I am full of admiration. Carol

  8. Ooos - Spelling - the two young girls would be horrified. " parents seem to 'experient' with us!
    Must be more careful in future.
    Colin (HB)

  9. Fiona - I'm so happy for them, what an honour and experience for them. Congratulations on your high achievers....I love a bit of brag gives us all a bit of permission! I'd just like to brag that Mr Magoo can now wipe his own backside. It was a proud moment. Meredy xo.
    p.s. love, love, love the post about your brother. Has he read it?

  10. wow, a regular outpouring of blog posts this week - I like! ;-)

    congratulations girls! well done to both - and a mum is entitled to brag isn't she?! I am sure that the girls will be great leaders.

    and I would like to be able to brag, like the lady above, that my boy could also wipe his own bum. Sadly, we are still learning, and I must still supervise and instruct...who would have thought it so hard? didn't seem to be for the first two....

  11. Brag away! you have all the rights to bragging you want! Im sure those girls will be awesome in those jobs!

  12. You have every right to be proud - they both look like wonderful young women who will do well in those roles - and in life.

  13. Wow - congratulations to both Jessie and Sarah - be proud Fiona that you've raised them right!

  14. yipee! congrats to them AND their mama!

    {they really look a lot alike!}

  15. And Brag you should.
    congrats to you and your girls



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