Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Bane of my Existence

...a little melodramatic perhaps, but certainly one of life's greatest displeasures during the school term, at least in my opinion.

Homework, of course.

If I was Minister for Education, there would be no homework.
In an era where obesity seems to run rampant amongst our nation's youth, I would instead be calling for mandatory backyard cricket of an afternoon.

Or maybe more jumping on trampolines, more swinging on tyres under the poinsiana tree, even more raking the mowed grass for Mum.

Forget reading, writing and rithmetic once the bell rings.
Home's for ditching the uniforms and heading out.
A newly graded road at our place just screams to be ridden on by fast-spinning bike wheels.

Especially for new Grade Oners, who can't get through their worksheet without requiring further sustenance.


  1. Whats the matter mum, no one to play with ?

  2. The Darlings are starting school today. No.1 is entering Y1 and No.2 PP, so we haven't experienced homework yet. But I think you are probably right. After a day of sitting at a desk or on a mat a bit of running around is probably a better call than more study. Balance!

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said :)
    My children dislike homework with a passion and would rather be outside in the fresh air.

  4. you probably don't want to hear this, but our teacher/principal (a country girl herself) doesn't give out homework - because she knows that her kids would much rather be outside doing just what you have described! (she does send home readers though, which we can handle!)

  5. Well said, Fiona... there is a limit to a child's concentration and outside holds far more stimulation than yet another piece of white paper. gxo

  6. Couldn't agree more, Fiona.
    Why can't the teachers these days get kids
    to properly hold their pens/pencils?
    Way back in the dim dark ages of my youth, the age of your children, there was no homework! We were out playing "Cowboys and Indians" - made the movies of the day even look second rate. "Tarzan" was also a great favourite, until my sister, playing Jane, fell out of a tree and into the pig pen, breaking her arm, and I getting a wallop for allowing this to happen - well, Tarzan, me, had other things to do in that bloody tree!!!
    The trip to Mungindi hospital was 43 miles over black dirt roads, my parents were not amused. That was the end of Tarzan/Jane activities, but still we did have the horses for cowboys and indians. And guess what, none of us was FAT!
    I hope "Yasi" will not overly affect you, but at category 5, looks like, Qld will really suffer, again.
    Colin (HB)

  7. I hate homework too. And homework nowadays requires a lot more parental intervention than the homework I used to do.

    How do your children stay so neat and tidy after seven hours at school?

  8. Ah, I see you have a Leftie...that's very special...being a Leftie is good!! I'm a Leftie!

  9. Just found your blog - it looks interesting and I shall be back. Thinking of all you Queenslanders as the big wind blows - hope you are safe.

  10. I agree, my farm kids did play and refuel, then homework.
    Hope you don't get too much Yasi !

    Love "the earings" looking good.

  11. Oh I agree Fiona. My mother in law (who used to be a teacher) told me that a primary teacher at a fairly exclusive Melbourne school told her that the only reason they give homework is because the parents request it. I wonder if this is true? It certainly seems to be a hot topic!

  12. Totally agree ... And I am a teacher and from the city. My girls love their after school activities.
    In my opinion an effective teacher should be able to cover all they need to during school hours...home-readers and some now and theme related research is enough!



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