Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Despite wet weather causing postponements to many of our early year scheduled tasks, we're slowly but surely chipping away at those jobs that just have to be done.  Fat cattle have been sent to slaughter, today is Day 1 of Embryo Transfer Program No. 3 for this season, recipient females have been preg-tested and the weekend saw us catch up on a little branding.

After yarding cattle early Sunday morning, the rapid onset of heat combined with the anticipation of pancakes, maple syrup and ice-cream caused us to delay branding until the cool of the afternoon.

Besides, we had a birthday to celebrate.

So after pancakes, sponge cakes, milkshakes and even a trip to the pool, it was time for some work.

For sometimes, even birthday girls need to be reminded...'s not all about them.


  1. Oh, my, Fiona. Yet again, you teach me so much about country life, even through a handful of photos. Just fabulous. J x

  2. ouch! i've never seen that done in person.

    love that last picture of your daughter!!!

  3. Looks like there might be a certain skill involvd in that job! Glad no-one has to do that to us humans (apart from those few who chooose tattoos!)

  4. Interesting! You use what we call a calf table, here we do it with a rope and a horse and calf wrestlers. Love the new header!

  5. it's me again~

    i nominated ya'll for the stylish blog award if you'd like to accept it! :)

  6. the holding of the tail, a very important job - and pleased to see she is out of the "firing line" :-)

    we've got this very same job coming up in a few weeks, and grass, mama cows have lots of milk = calves with lots of poop...must round up lots of young workers to help out (and keep me poop free!)

  7. I have tried for many years to get a flame while branding, and here you got it 3 times! How cool.

  8. Fiona - you are amazing with showing life on a cattle property.
    The branding and the young kids being involved is amazing. Great to see. Better out there doing positive work than sitting in front of a TV or Ipod ( whatever they do with those stupid things)????
    Pity city people wouldn't follow you and your husbands example of bringing up kids into a "REAL WORLD".
    Well done.
    Colin (HB)

  9. I love your blog and your photographs!!! Oh how I wish our ranch were in Australia!




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