Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Yesterday was one of the few occasions I spent the entire day in the house.  As is so often the case there was little to show at the end of the day for my efforts.  I did manage to get through nine loads of washing to have it drenched by a sudden downpour minutes before I headed out to unpeg it.  So on the line it remains.

In line with this year's resolution to no longer buy biscuits, cakes or any other processed, artificial lunch box fillers, there was baking to be done.  This week's effort resulted in two vanilla cakes and a double batch of choc-chip bikkies.  Probably not the healthiest options, but at least in my mind a safer alternative to many others.

And further adding to the feeding of the family, I transplanted some seedlings into bigger pots, hopefully ready to plant into the garden in a week's time.

Dinner was a 'drunk chicken', an American dish involving placing an open can of beer under your chicken

and roasting as normal. 

We often do them in the barbecue, but this little number was done in the oven.  The beer adds a slight flavour to the chicken, but it is mainly the beautiful moisture of the bird that pleases the palate.

Served with vegetables fresh from the garden including this season's first zucchinis, squash and silverbeet

and a generous splash of gravy, the kids have ordered the same again tomorrow.

Unfortunately for them the Tuesday menu will revert to beef or pork.


  1. Looks to me like you had a very productive day :)
    I much prefer home baked goods to shop brought and try to ensure our tins are always full.
    I must try cooking a chicken that way, it looks so succulent.

  2. Smiled when I read this as I am just about to do a big bake up for lunch boxes... The roast chicken looks fantastic. Love the fact that someone has actually welded up a bit of equipment for chook roasting purposes!

  3. Yum. The very best kind of day.

  4. yummy...that all looks delicious!!! i can't believe 9 loads of laundry got sorry!!

  5. That sure looks succulent! I tried it once after having it at my brother's place, but he did it on a "Weber" - my effort was a disaster to look at, but it sure had the taste buds racing! Certainly would not have graced the screen on any "Master Chef" show.
    I hope you don't suffer too much from "Yasi"!
    Code Red, is the top range alert - pretty scary!

    Well batten down and stay safe.
    Colin (HB)

  6. Domestic days are often the most rewarding (apart from the wet washing)... love the baking. Enjoy your day today indoors or out! gxo

  7. Oh you're making me feel guilty - honestly if it wasn't 42 degrees in the shade - or if we had air conditioning I might bake, but I really can't bring myself to do it at the moment!

  8. Oh, my, Fiona, you have been industrious! Could you please share your recipes for the vanilla cake and the choc-chip biscuits? Pretty please. They look scrumptious. J x

  9. ah, the menu here is pretty much beef, beef and beef. Pork doesn't seem to last long...and although I love chicken I just don;t like buying it!

    I would have to hide two cakes and biscuits, I think my lot would annilate that in probably three days or less (including school lunches) its after school that they seek and consume an awful lot! Do you slice up and freeze and then add to lunch boxes? I have had the same thought as you about the the processed foods...

    (and apologies to old Nev for being so long winded in my comments!) its a compliment to you however, that you have stimulated such a response (that and the fact that I always seem to have lots to say!)

  10. I'd say you've got a lot to show for your efforts - a clothesline full of washing, cakes and biccies baked, some gardening done and dinner prepared using fresh produce- more than a lot of people accomplish in several days. That chook looks uncomfortable.

    We cancelled the CQ trip but I'm still heading in a westerly direction for a few days, back Friday. Meg is holding the fort here; Drew is settling in.

  11. Your chicken looks AMAZING!
    Might have to get the Mr. to rig me up one of those.



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