Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A Few of my Favourite Things, Seven in Fact.

One of the first blogs I ever discovered, and still one of my absolute favourites is Count it all Joy, the creation of Meredith, mother of six, devoted wife and amazingly witty, beautiful woman, who I'd dearly love to share a coffee (and rainbow cake) with.  I've no doubt if we could clear our calendars of P & C meetings, tuckshop duties, soccer fundraising, feeding sale bulls, judo lessons, violin practise, needling heifers and early-reading workshops, we'd be right on it.  The ten kids and three thousand kilometres separating us would fall by the wayside and together we'd marvel at each other's amazing fitness levels, perfectly coiffed hairstyles, extensive vocabularies and trim svelte bodies despite the many years of pregnancy, breastfeeding and wiping baby vomit off floors and spaghetti off walls.

Alas, our calendars don't allow a get-together anytime soon, but still I can admire from afar.

Meredith has so kindly bestowed an award upon my blog this week, actually one which I have most gratefully received before.  Also, another amazing mother from the mountain ranges of the USA, Mountain Mama, has also passed this award along.  Mountain Mama is living her life in the snow-covered mountains, raising three gorgeous children, home-schooling and providing a life of freedom and love for her family.

Rather than share seven facts about myself, as I have already done here recently, I thought I might share with you seven of my favourite things around this place I call home.

In no particular order, here are just a few of the material items I either cherish, adore or simply enjoy.

This beauty was given to me for my fortieth birthday by my amazing parents.  It is partially responsible for my inability to lose these last unwanted couple of kilos, as resolved this past New Year's Day.

This clock sits on a dresser at the end of the dining room, chiming beautifully every hour and half hour.  Every few days the key must be inserted into each of those two holes visible, and wound up.  The clock was presented to my Great Grandfather upon his retirement from the railway many, many years ago, and is in need of some repair.  I absolutely love it and will one day sand and re-varnish it, returning it to its former glory.

This old stool sits in our lounge room, usually carefully disguised by piles of papers, library books, magazines, remotes, transformer lego pieces, discarded plastic cups, even clothing.  My first memory of this stool is it sitting in my grandmother's kitchen with a large bread bin resting on top.  When stripping it recently, I was amazed by the rainbow of colours it has seen during its life, most recently a bright burnt orange, so popular in the 70's.  I'm yet to wax the top, and will sand and repaint the legs Antique White ... one day soon.

This book for the past three months has been the most often thumbed through, regularly resorted to, fast becoming tattered, dog-eared script in this place.  It is my bible when it comes to trying to grow vegetables to feed my family, easily written and I would heartily recommended it to anybody with a love of chooks and home-grown veges.  (Special thanks to my good friend Mare who recommended it to me in the first place).

This dining room table is possibly the hub of our home.  Every meal is eaten here, it's where the sewing machine comes to reside, finances are discussed here, school notes completed, homework stewed over and much general family discussion takes place.  It also has Sally's name garishly engraved into it, although nobody in this house was responsible for doing so.  It is the dining room table my dad grew up eating at, and I well remember my grandmother preparing beautiful meals at it for all her extended family.  I look forward to the day when my grandchildren will gather around it also.  (It could quite possibly do with some more sanding as well ... how is it that I can't get superglue to hold the sole on Wallace's shoe, yet weetbix can adhere to this tabletop for seven months or more?)

My love of photography is one that is growing all the time.  I've had this camera now for over two years and am only just starting to discover there is more than an Auto setting.  It accompanies me most everywhere, bouncing around the back of a quad bike, on the floor of the work ute and everywhere in between.  I'm most happy to think that in twenty years time my memories of these days will be so enhanced by the number of images I have of my children and our life.

These beauties are relative newcomers to the 'favourites' list, being a gift to me from my husband this Christmas past.  I love everything about them, their unique shape and texture, the fact that they are the perfect length and of course I believe every girl deserves some pearls in her life.

So there you have it, another list of seven.
May your life be enriched by knowing I have much sanding ahead of me.


  1. What a lovely, lovely post. Thanks so much for sharing. We also have a clock like yours that was given to my grandfather upon his retirement - and I love my kitchen aid as well.

  2. I do love the look of old wood. Your table is beautiful - Weetabix and all. ;-)

  3. I love your 7 have the same camera I do ;)

  4. Love your post! I am also trying to learn how to move foward beyond auto setting.


  5. "although nobody in this house was responsible for doing so"...hee hee - not sure if you were being tongue in cheek, but there are a few of those sort of things around here - middle girl was(IS) a bit of a vandal, and quite cheerfully wrote her sisters name in all sorts of places - and her brothers - until she realised that he couldn't be held responsible as he can't write his name at all!

    great post, adore those pearls! would love to see them hanging around your neck! lets see them on (with work clothes will do, will add a nice touch!)

    enjoy your sanding! (and try tung oil instead of estapol - hearing and seeing great things of it!)

  6. Sigh...The Kitchen Aid...oh how I long for thee!

  7. Fiona, I think we have very similar taste!

    I adore the clock - it just looks like an old man doesn't it?

    I have been coveting an almond Kitchenaid since my Sunbeam let me down last year. Perhaps for my fortieth...

    Your old table looks gorgeous. We have an old huon pine table - not a family heirloom like yours - but still old, battered and beautiful.

    I have the same camera (I haven't ventured past the auto setting, except to turn off the flash).

    And wow - stunning pearls. I'd love to see them on you! I remember trying some big pearls on when we were honeymooning in Broome. I'm not really a jewellery person, but I've never forgotten them. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi I'm back and have some comments to catch up on! Everyone should have a Big Brother Pete - I've got one. I also have a Little Brother Andrew. They conspired to make my childhood miserable as only brothers can. I occasionally evened the score with a well aimed ping pong bat and a wayward left hook. Of course I love them to death now but I didn't during the 70's.

    Congrats to the girls - leaders of today AND tomorrow I expect.

    I like the "7 things" post. We get to learn a little more about you.

    In reply - MVP stands for Most Valuable Player. The MVP left this pm and flies way up north tomorrow to inspect another herd, home tomorrow night. I might start calling him MVP all the time now - Mysterious Vanishing Person, here one day, gone the next. I try to tag along when I can.

    OK, I've taken over your blog for long enough. Old Nev will need a cut lunch to get through all this.

  9. Lovely glimpse into your life - it doesn't quite fit the tune of 'My Favourite Things'but Kitchen Aids and pearls are more useful than raindrops on roses!

  10. Ah, Fiona, what a gorgeous post. What treasures you have. I adore the patina of family heirlooms. And you lucky duck to have a KitchenAid mixer! J x

  11. Gorgeous post Fiona! I'd love nothing more than an afternoon in your kitchen, drinking coffee, baking, eating and laughing with you and finding out once and for all how you fit everything into your day. You are my hero. Meredy xo

  12. Congratulations on your award! Very well deserved :) I love your words about your table - and that your camera helps to capture their childhood. Blogging has definitely forced me to photograph more - which is a good thing ;) XOL



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