Monday, 14 February 2011

I Feel the Need...

This little girl has had a fairly rough week.

Her beloved pony Tiffany who has taught her so much over the past two years had to be returned mid-week to the people who'd loaned her to us.  Sally's heart was absolutely shattered and in turn so were her parents'.

Many phone calls later, a suitable replacement was identified,

and Saturday afternoon Dad and Sal set off in the truck, returning with

this beautiful,

sweetheart of a brown mare

named Speed.

Sunday morning, after Dad put her through her paces under the watchful eye of his girls

Sal was legged up

and away she went

handling her new steed as only a super-confident six year old could,

and possibly causing her mother some level of angst in the process.

I feel the need ...

the need for Speed.
(name that movie).


  1. As always Fiona, a beautiful post. Memories of my childhood ponies flooding back... just wonderful. gxo

  2. I love how confidant your kids are with their horses, and how you obviously let them do what they have to do to gain that confidence. I really want to have horses for my kids one day so they can have a childhood like mine. I had a bad fall off my horse and really need to get back on. Top Gun, one of my favs ;)

  3. There really is nothing like having pets to teach children some of life's biggest lessons.

    How wonderful that the empty ache of release was filled so 'speedily'!

    Here's to many years of grand adventure shared together,

    Felicity x

  4. Top Gun!
    Love what a 6 yr old does on a horse. I'm right there with ya right now, and there's nothing greater to watch. Great pics, Speed looks just right :)

  5. Awesome! Speed looks very happy to have joined you & I see a beautiful friendship forming.

  6. I always wanted a horse as a a matter of fact...I always wanted Tom Cruise as a teenager!!!

  7. Lovely story Fiona. Speed looks wise and careful. My daughter wants to come and live with you, you guys are living her ideal life. She could do her swimming training in the dam, right? Poor city girl is a country girl at heart.

  8. Fiona
    You never fail to amaze - you and your husband must be two of the best parents any kid could love and have. Congratulations, and I hope your daughter and the horse really have a wonderful time together.
    From a kid, way back, in those days of rural bliss ( Well not always! - we had floods and bushfires then also!) - but I sure enjoyed it all.
    Colin (HB)
    PS: Thanks for the memories.

  9. This is a beautiful post, I am in awe of all the experiences your children have as part of daily life.

  10. Takes a fair bit to put a tear in Old Nev's eye.

  11. Looks like the start of some adventures. The expression on your daughter's face in the next-to-last photo is so cute. Glad the sad ending had a new beginning so soon after.

  12. Beautiful as always and I love a happy ending!

  13. Oh! I'm so glad she has her very own pony here, but a lovely beautiful horse!


  14. So glad Sally got Speed. They look to be a wonderful, happy pair! She's a beautiful horse with a very pretty little gal riding her!

  15. So good to see Sally enjoying the new horse, Speed looks to have "kind eyes" a quality that on old horseman once told me was very important for a kids horse.
    The one thing that "did me undone" when we sold the farm was seeing the horses go......not good.

  16. Oh, Fiona, how good are you at mending her broken heart so swiftly. Ride like the wind, Sal! J x

  17. I too once had my heart broken by Tiffany's departure! Wonderful mare but Speed looks like an ample replacement!



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