Thursday, 24 February 2011


There's a lot of it going on around here.
We have Brahman cows raising Brahman calves,

and Brahman cows raising Brangus calves

and Brangus cows raising Brahman calves

and Red Brangus cows raising Brahman calves

and Droughtmaster cows raising Brangus calves

and Murray Grey cows raising Brahman calves

and Charbray cows raising Brangus calves

and Jersey cows raising Brahman calves.

We're a lot like the Jolie-Pitts really.
Just sharing the love.


  1. Well, they say it takes a village ;)

  2. As a step-mum myself I can totally relate to all of this!

    x Felicity

  3. too cute, i always love your pics!! love the cow kiss one.

  4. Great post! We mothers are versatile creatures aren't we? And we don't care what our offspring look like - if they're ours, we love them just the same.

  5. They are all beautiful! now please explain how come they all muddled up like that, artifical insemination? but that would still give you crosses and they look pure breed to me?

    We have a cattle farmer just across the bridge from us and he runs Brahmans. I love going through his place just to see them with their big ears and big black wet noses. sometimes they cross the bridge and wonder through the villiage, until someone sends them packing back.

    Nice pics!

  6. Terribly confusing but gorgeous nonetheless. Lovely photos... gxo

  7. Finding your blog was a happy accident...the result of insomnia! Ha! I look forward to following your blog. I blog about my family's life in Spain. Australia is on my wntire family's list of places we still want to visit! I will do so through your blog for now! Thanks!

  8. Gorgeous photos - your cows are super multicultural and just like the Jolie Pitts only bovine....

  9. so cute, like the one of the calf peekingout from under mom.

  10. How many breeds and they all look the true breeds of cows, do you have on the property?
    I gather you only breed the brahmans and by the artifical method?????? Why he different cows for this breeding method???
    Very interesting and I look forward to more information.
    I think you must have my e-mail address????

  11. :-) it could get confusing, trying to mother up calves that aren't with their mothers - in this case you couldn't even take a guess that the red calf would belong to the red cow! All looking very hale and hearty!

  12. Oh, they're all beautiful photos. How nice that your cows are non-discriminatory.

    Some of the expressions on their lovely faces are priceless.



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