Sunday, 6 February 2011

A Sunday Birthday

Today our beautiful second daughter turned ten.

Double digits.
Big Fat Hen.

Here are ten amazing facts about my precious number two:

1.  She was the smallest born of our four children at 8 pound 10. 

2.  The name Jessie came from my father's beautiful mother, her second name is Dian, from Matthew's Mum.  She was meant to be Lachlan.  Sarah was to be Stuart.  I gave up trying to work it out with Number 3. 

3.  She wants to be a large animal Veterinarian when she grows up.

4.  Unfortunately, she's not allowed to leave home to go to University.

5.  She is a sweet, sensitive and kind child, but posesses a fiery streak that has been known to appear without a second's notice.  (Her brother is nearly always present for such events ... coincidence perhaps)?

6.  She hates brushing her long hair.

7.  She has never had her own bedroom, and probably never will.

8.  She loves to cook, and is quite accomplished, though possibly not Junior MasterChef-ready.

9.  At eighteen months of age, she drove her 'Winnie the Pooh' car down a set of steps, knocking both her front teeth back.  Matthew saw the blood and was rendered absolutely useless.  I have never called upon his assistance again during a family crisis involving blood.

10.  She sucked her thumb until she was six.  I promised her if she stopped sucking it we would have a day together with none of the other kids invited, and she never sucked it again.  (And I don't think we've had that day yet)!

Happy Birthday Princess.
(I owe you a day...
...just you and me).


  1. What a lovely post.
    Thanks for sharing.
    And the cake looks yummo.


  2. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl - happy birthday Jess, your Momma loves you very much. Great cake, it looks delicious and the pancakes look good too.

    Please don't think you're intruding over on S - it was just a post to keep D up to date. I like hearing from you and I always get a little thrill when I go to Dashboard and see the "1 comment waiting to be moderated" message.

  3. Just beautiful. Happy birthday to your lovely girl :O)

  4. Happy birthday Jessie. That cake looks magnificent!!

  5. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girl!

    PS - I have cake envy.

  6. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter :)

  7. That cake looks absolutely divine! Happy Birthday Jessie - congrats on the double figures!

  8. 1. I want that cake too!

    2. SMALLEST of your babies? you grow 'em well that is for sure!

    3. Happy birthday Jessie!

    4. did we run short of candles? ;-)

  9. Oh happy birthday to your Jessie. She's utterly lovely. I was a thumbsucker too :) And I was (am) an animal-lover and cook.

    Those pancakes look amazing, by the way!

  10. Happy Birthday Jessie... piece of cake for me please! gxo

  11. Happy Birthday!

    And that cake looks so...summery (as I look out at a half a metre of snow)

  12. Hope Jessie has a wonderful day.
    The Smallest was 8. 10 ????? that would make your eyes water !!!

  13. Wow, Miss Popularity - Everyone knows its your Birthday!Wish I had time to say more but I have to fix the dam (not damn)pump.Had no luck with the iPod problem. Needs a home call I think.

  14. What a beautiful post for a beautiful girl

  15. Happy Birthday Lass from all your pig farming mates down here in Bredbo XOXOXOXO!


  16. Glad you liked our Banana cake! It's a winner around these parts too. (and ALWAYS doubled for extras!) Happy days.

  17. Happy Birthday to a lovely young lady!! A yummy looking cake,too!
    I love animals, also. I have 3 goats, 11 hens, 3 cats and 1 large animals, I'm afraid.
    By the way, can I come for breakfast??!! Looks so good! (I'm in West Texas, USA!!!)

  18. love it! happy birthday to your sweet girl! and that is SOME cake!

  19. Happy Birthday, Jessie! Does the cake feature so much because Jess made it (I dare not believe a ten year old could do that?) or because it's so picture perfect? I hope you plan to organise that mother/daughter day very soon, since it's four years overdue.

  20. Beautiful post - happy birthday Jessie. Love the cake - you could be on Masterchef Fiona!!!

  21. I just came across your blog--it's great! Happy birthday to your daughter. What a fun post!

  22. Ah, sweet Jessie, happy birthday, lovely girl. I hope you enjoyed that scrummy looking cake! Your mum writes so beautifully about you. J x

  23. That cake looks amazing! I may have to try one like that.



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