Saturday, 12 February 2011

'Tis War

There are those of us who are enjoying the beauty of these colourful, feathered visitors to our little sorghum patch, grown in one of the pig paddocks to supplement their diet.

Rainbow Lorikeets,


Pale-headed Rosellas,

Red-Winged Parrots, all enjoying the sorghum smorgasboard on offer,

while the Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos wait their turn in the distance.

This elusive unidentified hatted specimen made a rare appearance and was captured on film.

And while the sound of birds chattering and chirping filters through the kitchen window, filling all with a sense of nature's beauty, the joyous peacefulness is shattered by the booming of Elmer Fudd and his pea-shooter.  For if there's one thing to spoil a farmers joy of his sorghum crop, it's pesky varmints trying to steal it!


  1. Nothing like the sound of a gun shot to send them soaring...

    We have similar issues. And, yes, we do just head outside sometimes and shoot into the air.

    You take the most stunning photos Fiona. I think you need to do a post about your camera and any tricks you have.

  2. Yes, they're attractive feathered creatures, but that's money they're eating! Cockatoos can tear a tree to pieces.

    Also agree on any info on the camera front. Beautiful photos.

  3. Such a pretty pest. I always think they should look like...say Crows, then you don't feel so bad about wanting to frighten the heck out of them.
    Fiona, I am coming for morning tea, no questions asked. I will partake of the jam drops & banana cake please.
    Oh well off to a Football fundraiser, yes already. Blah.

  4. Turn it into a family sport, I say. Everyone grab your air rifles! I've nominated your for an award...if you have time between baking, branding and shooting:) Meredy xo

  5. oh those bloody rainbow lorikeets. Every summer there is a desperate battle between us and them and the mangoes, they come in their flocks. And while I breakfast and enjoy their happy squawks, after breakfast when I let the dogs off its a different story - even the dogs aren't happy with them! But fortunatly, we only get them, plus some storm birds and a few bower birds, not the whole spectrum of birds! (mind you, what a bird watchers paradise your sorghum patch is! and what glory for little boys and their pea guns!)

  6. Yep - a number of shotgun blasts might to the job - they really are too pretty to shoot, but they are a bloody pest.
    So blast away and best of luck.

  7. What a coincidence. We are having bird issues at our place too. Our birds aren't anywhere near as pretty though.

  8. I have never thought of the destruction they can cause

  9. Single barrel, 12 gauge is my weapon of choice...oh, and I'll have the banana cake please!

  10. Fiona:
    I just realised that some of your commentators might think, my shot gun blasts were directed at the birds - I meant into the air.
    They are pests, but they are also beautiful and no way would I shoot them - CROWS yes! And with glee - Indian Myras -yes! Extra glee.
    Colin (HB)



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