Friday, 18 February 2011

Too Sick for School

We've had our share of sickness in the household this week.
Three girls with colds.  Two home yesterday, the other one today.
Thankfully the boy child remains healthy at this point.

And while I try not to benefit from the misfortunes of others, I was most grateful when Sarah offered to come and work the head-bail for me as I needled heifers.  A job that I would normally have to do on my own, quite do-able, but so much easier with someone to ensure the lead is working up the crush.  A time consuming and somewhat frustrating task on your own. 

About ten cows will fit in the crush.  When working alone I will usually only send about eight up.  This extra space compensates for the fact that cow number 1 usually likes to stop in position 3 as opposed to position 1 and have a little look around.  This means I, the cow poker as well as cow chaser need to leave the pound, run up the crush, poke cow 1 in the ribs, insult her parentage, appearance and attitude, then run back along the line, poking cows 2 through 8, who by now are ever-so-slightly offended by my handling of cow 1, and often times cow 7 and 8 have decided enough's enough and are backing back into the pound.  All of these issues compounded at the moment by the fact that the forcing yard gate is lying in the shed undergoing repairs and was to be re-hung last night, but alas, wasn't.

To cut a long story short, the whole task was made so much easier by the assistance of my oldest daughter, sniffling and coughing but not complaining.

No doubt, she'll want to check my schedule before her next sick day!


  1. 1. smart girl - shorts are the only sensible yard attire in this heat!
    2. you did well to take photos of events as well as dealing with a missing gate.
    3. its amazing how descriptive one can be when faced with a cow with questionable brain power! one can also add a husband to the list when he laughs at the fact that his wife is stranded on the top rail, chased but not one, but TWO cows, from yards on each side (i won though, I put em both in the meat works yard AND made sure they went on that truck!)

    And yes, coughs and sniffles have done the rounds here as well - and the term has only just started!

  2. Oh I only know too well about doing that by yourself! How good is an extra pair of hands on the crush?! Impressed you took photos!

  3. I couldn't deal with one cow, let alone eight!

    I had no idea what you were talking about! Thanl goodness for eldest daughters ... is that a cattle prod she's holding? Don't they zap you? Youch!

  4. Fiona and the "better half" - well we have to stick together. Can't have the "sisterhood" taking over!
    Remarkable kids. You should be so proud of your kids.
    Colin (HB)

  5. Got to have a good cattle prod.... Cattle vs person without cattle prod does not always have a good outcome.

    I hope you have everyone back on deck and well soon.

  6. I love your life!

    And what is it with the colds - our kids are full of them too. I wonder if it's a back to school thing...

    Have a lovely weekend Fiona!

    x Sarah

  7. I am in you manual mode class. These are great shots. Girl darling, good composition and outstanding hat.

  8. I take my hat off to you Fiona - really I do. To think I complain about mopping the floor or doing the groceries. Could be prodding cattle! Um... the banana cake.... I flung the recipe in the general direction of my 11 year old daughter who whipped up a double batch. Needless to say 24 hours later, there was not a crumb left. If there is anything wrong with this recipe it is that it is TOO delicious for words.

  9. Haha perfect day for your daughter to be sick!

  10. I followed you from Jessie's blog. So glad I did. Your life sounds like mine was years ago, but I don't have the photos to refer back to. Keep capturing those memories!

    I love the first photo of the child through the fence!

  11. glad she could help, makes things go so much easier/faster!!

  12. LOL we had 1 week at school 1 week sick and now trying for a healthy week 3.

    My kids try anything to be sick on a cattlework day. Got to admit I dont mind though.



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