Thursday, 3 February 2011

Who Needs Donut King?

Retreating from the monster that was Cyclone Yasi, my brother and his family spent a couple of nights at our parents' house, departing this morning.  Unable to get down due to flooding at Christmas it seemed far too good an opportunity to miss, and we bundled our crew up and followed them down.

What ensued was a post-Christmas family celebration.  Even Yasi's clouds had a silver lining.

Christmas gifts were exchanged (except miserable Aunty Fiona who came bearing sweet potato, feta and rocket only).  Makes a hell of a salad but not exactly what two gorgeous nephews had on their Christmas wish list I'm sure!

Sarah came home with a milkshake maker

much to the delight of her siblings

Priscilla's farm-fresh frothy milk, a generous scoop of ice-cream and a spoonful of Milo created something to rival a KFC crusher any day of the week!

Jessie scored a doughnut maker, both given a whirl after school today.

The doughnut mixture was made with a recipe very similar to a thick pikelet batter, spooned into the doughnut molds and the little machine did its thing! 

A far healthier option than the fried variety, may even make the lunchbox cut.

So thankyou Uncle Pete, Aunty Dinah, Jack and Ben!
Hope you found everything at home just as you left it!


  1. Great that you finally caught up with them. Those donuts look fantastic!

  2. Fabulous-looking doughnuts!

    And I think I saw brotherly teeth growing on the strength of all the calcium!

  3. i bought a donut maker for some friends kids as well, they made some for us today, and boy does it make great donuts (and far healthier than the shop ones!) and the cinamon sugar just makes them. So now you have the PERFECT after school snack for those starving kids, and better still, they can whip both of them up themselves!(its on my shopping list to get myself a donut maker when we go to the city next!)

    now, if only I had a milker...oh, and the ability to milk a cow. I just don't "have it" despite many attempts at being taught....

  4. I think we need a donut maker after reading that!

    Glad that Yasi had a silver lining for you and yours.

  5. I am so glad we don't have a milkshake or doughnut maker - 'honey, we gotta widen the doors!' Your kids look so happy :) XOL



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