Sunday, 13 March 2011

Alan Who???

Slightly taken aback by those unfamiliar with Alan Jackson, I am including for your viewing pleasure one of my favourite songs from this country music superstar.

My evening in Brisbane, family-less, was a wonderful break.  The concert was superb, the company faultless and the re-union with my Rock Wallaby Rascals riotous!

Grabbed a huge grocery order on the way through town and am pscyching for the beginning of my 'twenty-one days of wonder' commencing tomorrow.

Thanks to one and all for the great level of support.


  1. There's Alan looking over his shoulders at the foxy Mama of four who's lost 4-5kgs, thinking 'Yeehaw!".

  2. I am a convert. I loved that song. Beautiful.
    Glad you had a ball.
    Good luck with the next 21 days.

  3. glad to hear that the great Alan was enjoyable; and indeed, this diet and healthy eating malarky does take a lot of thought AND boy, wouldn't close access to Woollies make the whole thing much easier! (talking from my own point of view of course!)
    Will be interested in the 21 day "review'!

  4. Fiona, I've always loved this song, but when I followed another link to this (you might have to cute and paste)

    bawling in front of the computer.

  5. Aaaaah, I love Alan Jackson!!! So glad you got to see him...Funny story...When my husband was stationed in Korea back in '99, one of the channels he got on post was CMT Australia and that's when I first discovered keith urban before anyone ever knew him im the States...I got to see him in Kansas City, Missouri in '06 and it was awesome...Glad you had a great night and good luck with the diet! I've gained 10lbs back of the 22 I lost last year before I hurt my knee and had to have surgery...I'm about ready to start working it back off...good luck!

  6. I adore Alan Jackson ( but I have soft spot for the country boys....). The AWW diet sounds very reasonable to me - Best of luck.

    Every time I visit your blog the gorgeous sponge cake in the header makes me smile.

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  8. Who are these people asking Alan who?, obviously their not well cultured....LOL
    (had a misspelling before)

  9. He didn't quite make it onto my iPod now its full of Reg Poole and Tex Morton buckin'horse songs.



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