Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Broken or Smokin'

I waved my washing machine goodbye last Monday morning, as it hitched a ride to town in the back of the ute.  It's still away.  The space it left in the laundry is now brimming with seven days worth of six people's dirty clothes. 

My oven and cooktop have also had enough. A new gas stove sits in the shed ready to be installed.  Not exactly my dream oven, the specs given were 'the cheapest you've got thanks'.  With contractors all but totally unprocurable in these parts, we are about to remove the electric oven ourselves.  I'll be the one in rubber soles with a prayer book in my back pocket.  I'm sure I can google some instructions.

Meanwhile the wood-powered smoker is working a treat.
If like me, your first thought was that this contraption may indeed be a mailbox,

this image may have you wondering what the heck kind of mail is in there

We now have a cold room stocked with hams and bacon.


  1. I completely understand the lack of contractors. It is amazing what we wind up doing ourselves because it is too hard to find a contractor...

  2. good luck with your stove (I suggest turning the mains power off would be a great place to start! ;-) and washing machine - mine broke down a while ago and despite me procuring the required parts at lightening speed, and begging husband to PLEASE FIX IT (he didn't "no time") and using a neighbours machine for a few days, I bought a new one. problem solved. And the old one still sits in the shed with its parts in their packets...waiting.

    am wondering if you can also google "installing gas oven" and then all of your problems would be solved!

  3. Good luck with the installation. Safety switches are marvellous inventions!

    My cooktop gave up the ghost 6 months ago and I've been doing all my cooking on a 2 burner camping stove - complete with gas bottle in the middle of the kitchen - workplace health and safety would have a field day! Luckily, the oven still works. I'd be challenged if I didn't have the oven!

  4. That smoker looks great! I'll bet the meat tastes great too.

  5. ur too funny...i'm the same way bible close at hand in sticky situations.

    love the smoker...and bacon :)

  6. Looks delicious!

    I can't even imagine the amount of laundry you must have. Is your machine a small European size, or American size I wonder... XOL

  7. oh i do love a properly smoked ham!
    good luck!

  8. How wonderful that you can do hams and bacon yourself! Enjoy them :)

  9. Wow everything at once hey! I would love a smoker, hams sounds so good right now!!

  10. I had to have my washer fixed and what an expense. I so feel and understand what you are saying. Yumm...your own smoked meat!


  11. Went a year with no oven, bought new stove last June. Washing machine died last spring, bought new washing machine in June. And yes you can go online an find how to install a gas stove. Hubby had to change the do-hickey things on my new stove from a natural gas to propane. The manual didn't help him any, the net was better. Hope you get your stove soon.



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