Thursday, 31 March 2011

A Country Mile

This young man is better known for his academic ability than his sporting prowess.

He has seen enough sporting broadcasts however, to realise the long-term benefits of
pre-race stretching.

First right ... then left.

In anticipation of the 2011 Year 2-3 Cross Country Race.
All 2 gruelling kilometres of it.

Never in the running for the blue or red ribbons,
with two of our younger students setting the pace early
and crossing the finish line seconds ahead of this pair.

Who fought the fight for third place.

With Wal narrowly taking the lead on the down hill stretch of second lap...

Only to have our good friend Heath charge away on the uphill oval run.

Leaving my boy to run on alone.

Until they rounded the bend

with a hundred metres to go to the finish line

where Wal found his second wind

narrowly avoiding a mislaid football

and leaving his little mate behind.

Aah, the sweet taste of third place.


  1. I like that boy's cut of the jib.

    He's run farther than I've ever walked in one stretch, and his little shirt's still tucked into his shorts.

    What a fine man, he'll make. Isn't he the same child who brandishes fish in his best striped shirt?

    And it looks as is he sustained some wounds.

  2. Nothing like a last minute pip at the post.

    I agree with MMMC - he is indeed a stylish young man.

  3. Watch out Channel 9 [WIN] we have a new sporting commentator in Fiona!

    I loved the blow by blow account as it built to the suspenseful finish and the happy ending.

    x Felicity

  4. Fiona, he had a 'strategy' and it came off. Good boy, your mum said you were smart!

  5. That is a beautiful life.
    What a great little school.

  6. That's it Wallace - never give up. Well Done.

  7. Yay! The boy's got heart. Good for him.

  8. I love it! That was great! Tell him congrats for me!

  9. yay!! that's awesome, good for him!

    great pics :)

  10. He has more gumption than I do. Good job Wallace!!!

  11. Fiona
    Tell the "young fella", that in competition you can only improve if you have the desire, and looking at intensity on the face, Wallace (??) - someone mentioned a name - sure has it.
    So go young Wallace - I expect next time you are "first".
    Oh yes, does Rockhampton require another horse race caller, you could apply!!!

  12. firstly, thank you for sharing your necklace there on your header! Love it.

    Secondly, slow and steady wins the race - smart boy conserving his energy for the end. And keeping neat and tidy as well! (most un-boy like!)

  13. Very good strategy, seems to have worked!

  14. He is so determined! The look on his face shows it all! You have a right to be VERY proud!




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