Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Cows In, Cows Out

Today I decided against the romanticism of horse-riding and opted for the quicker option of the quad.

After deciding yesterday to saddle up to gather some nearby breeders and introducing them to some fresh new bulls for this last month of our breeding season, the plan went slightly awry.  Hoisting saddle and bridle onto the back of the bike I headed into the horse paddock with the intent of trying out Sally's new steed.  Speed swiftly tucked tail between legs and galloped to the furthest end of the paddock.  Casting my attentions in the direction of my old faithful Bob, he too decided that real work horses only get caught when run to the yards, and headed in the opposite direction to Speed.
Quickly re-routing to Plan B, I mustered the cows on the quad, complete with saddle and bridle on board.

Today, I headed out on the quad with Fred the Wonderdog and Steel the Sidekick, and had these cows pointed in the direction of home with no detours via the horse paddock.

After 65 mm of rain this past weekend, following on from 25 last week, tomorrow will see me again performing circle work on the John Deere in the hay paddock.

Looks like the mildew on my walls will live to fight another day.


  1. Fiona, they are mighty purty cows. What breed are they? sorry I am sure you have previously mentioned breed names. Your photos are lovely, you are the Aussie 'Pioneer woman'....

  2. More fabulous Aussie photos. Lovely. Amazing that the grass still looks green at this time of year.

  3. Really like the last photo. Good rain.

  4. I love how those cows are looking at you photograph them ... does that last photo mean they have hightailed it on a well-worn path into the distance?

  5. we still haven't been graced with any rain - starting to look very ungreen! mildew not a problem here at the moment!

    Oil of cloves is apparently the best mildew deterrent (once wall is clean, spray on oil of cloves - just a few drops diluted in water in spray bottle) however I have yet been unable to test this theory as I haven't been able to find any Oil of Cloves in town. But I am told that it is THE best. so good luck with that!

  6. Nothing like circle work in the hay paddock...

    Gorgeous photos as always.

  7. wow!!!

    love the header up top! do you do that yourself fiona?

  8. Hi Fiona

    Well those cows look in great condition and the countryside after all that rain looks good for the new year. So I guess "all's well" in your area - Rockhampton????
    I think a horse might have been a bit more comfortable herding those cattle than the way you opted for!!
    Colin (HB)

  9. And do tell... what will you be thinking about while on the John Deere? Is that good thinking time? Georgie x

  10. I love a cow parade. You are very busy I can so relate. Nice photos. B

  11. Your cattle are really looking good. Having lots of rain has really helped in greening up the pastures.

    You go girl, I use the four-wheeler for everything we do.!




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