Monday, 14 March 2011

Funky Friday

Before jetting off to Brisbane Friday morning, needing to be left the house half an hour earlier than normal to meet the plane, there were animals to feed, bags to pack for big girls having a sleep-over, a bag to pack for me, as well as preparing the troops for Funky Hair Day!

Knobbly bobbles,



and Hairy Maclairy.

{PS.  As my main blog critic has informed me my blog is becoming rather self-absorbed, I will not mention my diet, but instead quietly point to the above tab titled '21 Days'}.
[Never to be mentioned again].


  1. Darling dos!


  2. Aw, too cute! Mine does a Hairy Maclairy every morning, without too much coaxing.

  3. Your blog is so far from being narcissistic ... it's a good way for you to keep on track re your diet.

    I've made a mental note of those hairstyles. I suspect there's a Crazy Hair Day in the wind.

  4. Fantastic hairstyles, especially Wallace's!! He looks very cheeky!

  5. cute!

    good job mama, i have trouble being creative like that!

  6. Ha your funny. Mine has been a little self indulgent lately too, even posting photos of myself all in a row. Ha.
    Love the kiddos hair. Looks great.
    I always loathe that horrible coloured hairspray the kids ask for. I always say they sold out.
    Off to check out 21 days.

  7. 1. not showing these do's to my girls. at all. for fear of them asking for the same!

    2. your blog, it can be about you if you want it to be! {we are all here to support and advise - sometimes the husbands aka blog critic I suspect! can be a little bit tilted! :-)



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