Sunday, 20 March 2011

Gone Fishin'

Yesterday morning as we enjoyed a leisurely weekend breakfast, the calm was disrupted by a phonecall from our neighbour.
Declaring it too wet to work, he would be here in five minutes to collect anybody interested in casting a lure at a fishing spot not too far up the road.
I've never seen two boys (including one man) move faster.  Boys pulling on jeans, finding socks, men filling water bottles, gathering rods, reels, tackleboxes, and all waiting on the verandah with time to spare as neighbour's ute pulled up at the gate.
Which left one distraught little girl who didn't think it fair that we should have to go into the hall to start decorating for next week's show ball, while 'they got to go fishing'.

And while Mum ate Sesame Stir-fried Chicken for dinner, everybody else enjoyed

home-cooked fish and chips.


  1. That's a whopper! What a clever boy.

    He's in his good shirt though ... I guess a fish that big deserves some smart attire to accompany it.

  2. Wow that's a whopper, he'll go well in a frypan I bet. Love that no2 haircut, I used to love running my hand over my eldest son's very coarse hair when it was so short.

    It sucks to be a girl sometime ....

  3. WOW - that is some fish! Well done farm boy :)

  4. Gee! Every child's dream, catching a BIG fish! Well done (and to you too for having stir fry instead of deep fry!)

  5. Good on ya Wallace. Another one of those fish that were biting yesterday.

  6. Going fishing looks like much more fun than decorating a hall!!

  7. I'm with the "distraught little girl" - I often used to wonder how come I had to stay behind and do the girly jobs - stand there and put the sugar into the egg whites a teaspoonful at a time so that the pavlova would be "just perfect"; wash and iron my brothers' school clothes etc etc - while the two boys got to go off and do all the interesting things.

    By the way, nice fish Wallace, well done!

  8. Fiona
    Who says fish are fattening and bad for a diet of a couple of passionfruit a day??
    My doctor insists I eat more fish - you could have steamed or baked it!
    Far better than "Sesame Stir-fried Chicken"!!
    On trips long ago when my back permitted plane travels, I lived on fresh BBQ fish straight from the sea in Thailand and Bali.
    The French are also excellent fish cookers and you don't see obese French, Thai or Balinese ladies, do you???
    So maybe next time you and the girls grab the rods etc and do the fishing business.
    Senior and junior male can do the ironing etc.
    Colin (HB)

  9. yum...for the sesame chicken!! i'm not a huge fish fan...especially if it's fresh.

    i see he got a haircut since crazy hair day!!

  10. Love your family stories.....always put a smile on my face xo

  11. Hi Fiona...I love your blog!! I visited Australia 11 years ago, and I miss it terribly. Your children are gorgeous!! Definitely will be stopping by for more visits.



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