Friday, 11 March 2011

Here we go Again

Like many others I'm always on the lookout for some magic wand to assist me with losing a few kilos.  Not drastically overweight, losing four or five kilos would be enough to satisfy my vain self.
As a regular purchaser of books from, they delight in filling my inbox with tempting, tantalising tomes.  This book most recently caught my attention:

Arriving in my mailbox earlier this week, I am preparing to embark on this 'Wonder Diet' come Monday.
As a means of keeping myself both motivated and accountable, I will be blogging my progress via a separate journal I will be attaching to this blog.
As well as following the 21 days of meal plans including snacks, I will endeavour to drink two litres of water daily, walk 45 minutes each evening and entirely omit alcohol from my life. 
I will post my starting, weekly and final weight.

PS.  I do realise that there are no quick-fixes, but am hopeful that I will be able to stay focused for the short period of 21 days and will be kick-started into a healthier lifestyle.

In the meantime I'm jetting off to Brisbane today to see Alan Jackson (yes, I may well be a redneck).
The terrific girls who make up the executive committee of our Show Society gave me a ticket for my birthday last year, and it is them I'm going with.  Can't wait.


  1. I should be joining you on the 21 days.......going to Alan Jackson too ;)

  2. That's funny Fiona because so many people from here have seen Alan and I don't even know who he is and they keep telling me how good he is. Somehow I don't think it's my style but they all raved about his concert, one girl saw it in Melb and Syd!! Have a fantastic time.

  3. That book looks terrific I will eagerly track your progress as I have been struggling with about 15kgs of Baby weight. He's 4. Ha.
    What is with getting older & not being able to loose weight. Doh.
    I would be more than happy with 5 though.
    Who is Alan Jackson? Off to google him.
    Have lots of fun & good luck with the 21 days.
    I might do it along with you if I can find the book quickly enough.

  4. Have a fab time. I'll eagerly await your food plan results - I too would feel better less 4-5 kg!

  5. I will be joining you...checking that book out right now :)

  6. Good Luck and Have Fun....We Rednecks will rule the world someday..... LOL

  7. well you and have of north west qld too apparently are Rednecks! ;-) we have an extra child for a few days because of Alan Jackson - and you know it never even occurred to me to fly down and go to the concert!

    and I too am also embarking on my own little food/health journey - starting today funnily enough - I am going about it quietly...I have a few more than 5kgs to loose, but that would be a very very nice place to start.

  8. That sounds like fun, Fiona, redneck or not! And Good Luck for the 21-day wonder diet... G x

  9. Good luck; didn't mean to pre-empt the whole thing - you can see why Meg works in the field she does! Will follow you over there with interest.

    Glad to hear you're jetting off for some Fiona time. We all need to do that now and again. Hope you enjoy the concert and the quick getaway.

  10. Hope you had fun in Brisbane.

    I bet you're bloody fit, and don't need to lose an ounce.

  11. Bummer. I have that book - brand new - could have sent it up. The meals look way too tiny for me, but you're welcome to inspire me. I've got no idea who Alan Jackson is(not that shock jock?), but have fun.

  12. I am going to order this and try it out for myself.


  13. Hi, hope you had a great trip...I named you for the "Stylish Blogger Award"

  14. Hey 5 Starr's fair...I named her for the "Stylish Blogger Award" too! Hahaha...Obviously, you must truly deserve it, Fiona...I have always wanted to visit Australia. I am an American Expat living in Spain with my a matter of fact, my youngest is over at an Australian's house right now for a party and sleep over...we all talk about what fun it would be to visit them when they move back to Australia...Anyway...feel free to stop by my blog and "pick up" you award...I love following your family's adventures and good luck with the Wonder Diet...

  15. Good luck! I have such a poor memory that I forget I'm on a diet ;). So losing weight requires an increase in memory cells for me.

    Dropping by to get my daily fix of those cutie pie cows :)

  16. How coolare the cows?! great blog! I'm new to this and i'm enjoying bouncing round to read everyone's blogs! come check out mine if you get a chance!
    thanks from courtney.



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