Monday, 28 March 2011

It's Black & White Really

It may not be the Ritz,

but our old local hall
was the scene of some black & white glamour this past weekend.

As a forerunner to the local Show the 'Show Ball'
sees the community gather together for a night of revelry.

These swanky groovers were there.

This long haired beauty still not well after a bout of flu earlier in the week.
She's home again today.
(And yes, the recent ear-piercing has not gone well,
one very sore lobe).

This little big girl, or big little girl,
danced the night away.
And was winner of a large jar of lollies in the 'lolly toss'.
Found herself with a lot of close friends.

Sal and her band of followers spent most of the evening racing up the length of the hall,
then sliding dramatically amongst the legs of those trying to dance.
No amount of parental direction had any affect.

And this handsome devil started the night well,
even leading his oldest sister around the dance floor
during the 'lucky spot'.
By the end of the evening,
tie, boots and socks were all gone.

Dad and I manned the bar and kitchen respectively.
Balls aren't so much fun when most of the evening is spent with your head in an oven.
On the other hand, at least it may have settled that boofy hair!


  1. Wow Fiona, a lot of thought and effort went into creating a lovely space in the hall and your description of the kids brought back many fond memories of country show balls in my younger years.

    You look gorgeous and I hope you had a chance to step out from the kitchen to do your own dancing too.

    x Felicity

  2. Can't beat black and white... gorgeous photos and that long blonde hair is to die for! Well done... Georgie x

  3. You are one great looking bunch! Glamourous too!

  4. Sure looking good for a night out!

    I like the steak in your last post too, it sure looks good!!

  5. the old hall scrubbed up nicely (ooh, I bet those stripes took you all some time!) and so did the family! (and your husband looks as impressed as mine was when wearing his bow tie!)

    its events like this that make living away from the city so great - kids can run amok and have a lovely time - everyone knows whose kids they are - and they all go home exhausted!

  6. Ok I'm technically on a tech break, had to check in on some stuff(school emails).

    yeah right.

    You look gorgeous & I don't think I have ever told you how good looking your kids are, they truly are the epitomy of healthy, happy, aussie kids, they could do an ad for it.

    Hope you had fun, Niki

  7. Fiona, looks like a fun night was had by all!!
    The kids do look wonderfully healthy and happy, all those different coloured eyes....gorgeous

  8. You all look absolutely gorgeous...

    And I love the steak pic from the previous post!!!

  9. Looks like a great night. You definitely have three future Showgirls there plus a very handsome brother to partner each one of them. Good to see you both in a photo together.

  10. What a fun time! You out did yourselves! I am very impressed!


  11. You all look fantastic! It's nice to dress up once in a while!

  12. What fun! The hall looks very spiffy and so do the special guests you photographed ;)



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