Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Look What We've Got

Eight new little play-things.

In the shape of piglets.

Our younger sow Socks surprised us with these little squealers
yesterday morning.

I haven't seen the kids since.


  1. Oh my goodness! They're so cute!

    You're turning me vegetarian!

  2. I just showed your blog to my eldest two (nine and six). They like the look of your kids (and piggies). I think they'd probably all get along! Funny. I'd never really considered that.

  3. Oh! I would really really love one please!

  4. aren't they the best little pets...mind you, we had a "wild" one that was given to us, a titch bigger than these - he grew up with such personalities. I Do not blame the kids at all for wanting to play with them, in fact I reckon I'd be down in the pig pen with them!

    (and it keeps em out of the house and the fridge after school!)

    PS DRIZZLING HERE! not getting to excited, but at least its trying. Not hard enough, but giving it a chance!

  5. Awww. Probably shouldn't let them read your last post, though.

  6. Oh my goodness! I love the little piggies. Send some this way!

  7. Oh Fiona!! They are so cute!!! My 19 year old and I really want some piggys too!! You children look like they are enjoying the new babies.

  8. How cute are they?! I do hope you won't end up eating them?

  9. If that Meg in the comment above is who I think it is please ignore her request! We've only just dealt wih our last porker and don't need another one just yet. They are very appealing though.

  10. Baby pigs have to be one of the cutest little animals.....too bad they grow up ;)

  11. Ah! They're so cute... Georgie x

    P.S. I have nearly read The Permaculture Garden cover to cover and my head is spinning! What to do, what to do... I think I nearly have Mr SJW convinced it is the way to go... x



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