Thursday, 3 March 2011

Sleeping Through

The distant call of "Muuuuuuuuummmm" still often pulls me from my slumber, even though my babies are now aged between six and eleven.  As I stumbled from my bed at 2:47am this morning, somewhat confused, knowing Matthew had to be up at 3:30, thinking it was the alarm.  Instead it was this one, the baby.

The baby, who slept through from three weeks of age.

Because she knew her Mama would implode if she didn't.

The baby, who slept through from three weeks of age, and then regressed at three years of age.

She is fearful of perishing through the long dark night.

And as I stumbled from my bedroom, still asleep, took a left at the lounge-room, tripped over the sabre-tooth tiger left discarded sometime earlier, collected myself and careered towards the kitchen, fumbled for a glass, back to the fridge, cold water dispensed and headed for the bedroom of the two youngest offspring, I managed to open my eyes long enough to distinguish which one was top bunk, which one below, as they do like to regularly exchange places.

Both were sound asleep.

Whispering "Sally, Sally, I have your drink". 
No response.
Leaning closer "Sally, are you awake".

Sitting bolt upright, she responded  "Ha ha Mum, tricked you".

After two sips, I retreated back to the kitchen.
"Love you Mum", as I departed.

And so you should I murmured to myself, and so you should.


  1. my muuuuuum call was at 4.57 sigh :)

  2. i snorted out loud at "she is fearful of perishing through the long dark night".

    I often have a little visitor to our bed - he 'cared - of a gecko, or a noise, or just the plain ole dark (even though he is brave enough to get from his room to ours).

    So, I feel your pain - and I have to say you must have a better temperment than me at 2;47am, I am not sure I would have been appreciative of little tricksters! ;-)

    oh and pleased that mine isn't the only husband that keeps ridiculous hours from time to time!

  3. I still get the call occasionally ... interestingly hubby doesn't hear them at all!

  4. Oh no! I agree with Annette ... it's uncanny how only mothers can hear the midnight call!

    Again, it's nice to know someone else is padding about in the wee-hours.

  5. Geez Big Matt, I thought I raised you better than that. You had to get up early anyway.
    By the way the fish are biting on the 'Fighting Whiting'.

  6. LOL - another that joins you mums at those early morning jaunts.

    I find the 4.30 am alarms the worst because by the time he leaves and I get back to bed I cant sleep (even though I need it so much).

    Thinking of you all .....

  7. Oh, Sally! What a mean trick. Mr PB is on-call all night, every night. I can't remember the last time I actually woke with him next to me - he always seems to fall asleep on one of the pixies' beds after a night-time call. And our oldest is 5 - don't tell me this keeps on going for years yet! J x

  8. They grow up so fast! It's all these delightful little memories you will cherish when you reach my age and those beautiful children reach yours.


  9. haha thats too funny! Pretty brave thing to do to a tired Mum.

  10. Wait till their grown and gone, then come home in the middle of the night unannounced. "That will set you up in bed". "Enjoy every minute"

  11. Yep, I was up at 5:30a today with the sounds of pitter-patter feet of a headache/thirsty girl :)

  12. I am up with one or other of ours most nights (one IS only 8 months old!) and not sure I have as much good grace as you! This gave me a giggle, thank you!



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