Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Better than Easter Eggs

Every morning she jumps out of bed, quickly changes out of pyjamas and climbs the hill behind the house,

past the solitary orange on our pitiful, neglected orange tree

to check on

Mama Pig.

Beautiful, gentle Mama  Pig.

Knowing that every morning was a day closer to

another batch of warm, cuddly, cute baby piglets.

Happy, Happy Easter.


  1. Those baby pigs just do me in. I want one so badly!!!

  2. Aaaaawwwww - cute babies!

    I love the shirt slogan! I wonder if they make them in adult size....


  3. Looks like a beautiful morning there... love the t-shirt. So much of it was my brother's fault... gxo

  4. I'm with her, I'd be doing the same thing!they are the funniest little creatures ever.

    how do the kids go when its ham and bacon time?

  5. Now I am major jealous! I want some piggies. Beautiful photos.

  6. Fiona, can you please help me. Can you tell me how you put up photos above your blog title?? I've been trying and just can't figure it out! LOVE your blog BTW. Absolutely gorgeous photography x

  7. Great story Fiona - obviously taken over a period of time.
    Today at Toowong at the VERY expensive, but excellent meat, butcher shop, I had the audacity to ask if, after buying a Rack of Pork, which has not all that much "crackely stuff" on top, if I would get some pork rine.
    The butcher who times me after I inspect the displays, at my paper reading at the RE hotel beer garden - rude fellow!. He asks if I had a beer for him as well when I return, I tell him only if he pays! - anyhow he went into the cold room and came out with so much "FREE" crackily! I will look like the darn stuff, but I WILL enjoy every bit of it. My oven will be on overdrive with all this pork rine, to become beautiful crackily!
    I love crackily so Sharon don't worry about the kids not eating ham and bacon - they will.
    Funny blog and what a coincidence on my Tuesday Toowong shopping.
    Oh yes it is raining in Brisbane! AGAIN.
    Colin (HB)

  8. Aww that is such a gorgeous story.
    I agree, babies of any kind are much better than easter eggs!

  9. Cassie, I'm extremely flattered that you enjoy my photography. I absolutely delight in looking at your images, so vivid and clear. I remember you asking me some time back what type of camera I use, sorry for the late reply, but it is a Canon EOS 450D. I'm looking at new lenses at the moment, can you tell me what you use?
    As far as the blog header, I actually create the 'collage' using Picasa (free Google imaging software) and found a useful tutorial at
    Then in blogger 'Design' tab, edit the Header, choose to place an image 'instead of title and description' and voila! The Picasa software is very easy to use. Please let me know if you don't understand what I'm talking about.
    Just by the way, I'm disappointed I can't comment on your blog (but understand and respect your privacy). My four kids all sucked their thumbs and I just love seeing the images of your beautiful little girl always so content with thumb in place. Have a lovely Easter. I'll look forward to seeing the photos.


    That is all.

    Love Niki.

    ps love the bickies.

  11. Sharon, we always seem to have piglets coming along, and to be honest they lose their 'cuteness' once grown a little, so the kids are all too happy to be involved in the pig to pork conversion.
    Colin, I'm pleased you found yourself a supply of crackling, without doubt a very necessary accompaniment to roast pork. By the way, I've spent a few afternoons in the RE Beer Garden myself a whole lifetime ago. Would do my grocery shop at Toowong as well (uni days)! No roast pork on the menu back then.

  12. i love pork ;)
    and this story ...

  13. Hi I found your blog via Vintage West Photo and I love it. Your every day is so different from mine that I love to see what you've been up to. The piglets are so cute.

    Liz in Scotland :)

  14. I just adore pigs and piglets! Great post! I would love to be there just to hold one. Of course it would squeal because I am a stranger!


  15. How gorgeous! Happy Easter to you and your family. Mimi xx

  16. The piglets are gorgeous! What breed of pig have you got? We want to get a heritage breed pig one day, but not sure which one....

  17. Awww. Can't think of anything else to say.

  18. Hey Fiona, yes I say we get the holidays out of the way & we can start together on day 1. This time last year I was 7 kilos heavier. I lost a few over the summer & the 21 days has really been good for a solid 4-5 kilos. I am thrilled.
    Lets start again & we can go day by day.
    I am so looking forward to giving it another go.
    Now just to maintain over Easter. Mmmmm.

  19. That was me on my son account, Mop Mob is right, have you seen his hair, its terrifying, ha, Niki

  20. Piglets, kids, and sunshine....doesn't get any better than that!!!



    that piglet is adorable! i'd be excited too...not sure of the jumping out of bed part though ;)



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