Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bottle Tree Creek

This is Sally's pictorial representation of Bottle Tree Creek.
A very large house dam full of crawchies (red-claw), fish and crabs, a pig watering at the dam,  large windmill, bottle tree (of course) and a shed in which you may be able to make out Sally at her desk home-schooling.

And while Sally's picture may indeed be worth a thousand words, I've included a few photos to fill in any gaps.

The trees are of course Bottle Trees.
Brachychiton rupestris
(Narrow-leaf or Queensland Bottle Tree).
We have an abundance of them.

The mountain in the background is on Chabo, Mum & Dad's place.

Plenty of green feed at the moment.
Should make for a great stress-free Winter.

Looking in the other direction.

Bringing the last paddock of breeders in.

And this is my new home.
It has a flushing toilet and a hot water system.
What more could a girl want?

And these are the cattle.
Beautiful breeders with fat calves at side.

A mixture of Droughtmaster, Charbray, Red Brangus and Brahman cross cows

running with Red Brangus, Charbray and Droughtmaster bulls.

with good sized calves at foot,

not too far off weaning.

We're heading back next weekend to cross-brand and preg-test.

Very exciting times.


  1. It's a stunning property Fiona. I am very excited for you. It seems odd to be so happy for a family I have never really met and who live on the other side of the country but that is the beauty of blogging!

    Take care

  2. very exciting times ahead!
    Gorgeous photos from the last few weeks.
    Happy days... xx

  3. These are beautiful photo's, you live in a beautiful part of the world.

  4. ooh, now the fun part! ;-) mighty nice looking mob (quite similar lines to our own actually, 'cept I do believe yours are much rounder!)

    I think you are indeed fortunate to be able to aquire such a block - and I bet there are plans brewing in the old head of gardens and homestead sites! ;-)

  5. ps is it spelt chaRbo in the map book?

  6. Thanks for the well wishes AFW - I know you've a move ahead also. Look forward to following your progress as well.

    Amy, I often think the same looking at your adventurous life travelling the globe. A shed in a buffel paddock doesn't sound near as grand!

    Sharon, as much as I'd like to plan new houses and gardens, I'm afraid I'll be a very old woman before that may unfold. In the meantime we will line a section of shed and possibly extend an area to fit us all in. Fortunately my Dad's a builder. And yes, Charbo in the book is in fact Chabo in real life!

  7. Lucky you! I love those trees and those bunny-eared cows :) The Easter Bunny surely stopped by to say hello to them XOL

  8. It's great to see Bottle Tree Creek-what a bonus being so close to your folks. Did you ever think, growing up, that you'd live next door one day? Your new house is very long. I'm sure you'll make it into a home. Good Luck with the settlement on Friday. I'll have to have two G&T's on Friday night - a toast to you and yours and BTCk and the other to Wills & Kate.

    I'm going to try making a banner in the next little while so I can finally rectify the annoying off centredness of my header. Thanks for the link to the "how to".

  9. Hi Fiona, Great looking cows. I love your new place....House Tour Soon? LOL Love how open and the wonderful views, fifth photo looks is a little like my view of the valley. It' going to be a great new home.

  10. Ooh, what marvellous views and so much space! Those bottle trees are like nothing I've ever seen before (and to be honest the cattle look pretty weird to me too. We have black and white ones here, mostly!) I'm loving getting a taste of your life - sorry, I giggled at the vehicle getting stuck, that wasn't very supportive, was it?

  11. Beautiful piccies - bet you are counting down the days till you're there!

    On a side note, I had yabbies for dinner last night at our neighbours house. Very delish!

  12. Beautiful land! Rich and plentiful pasture...cattle looking good. I'm very happy for you!


  13. Oh Fiona, I got your message, me too.
    Seriously feeling a bit crapola about it too.
    But I am determind to give it a really good crack.
    Now my kids don't go back till Thursday week, how ridiculous are these start back days.
    So thats a week tomorrow.
    Can that give you a week to get your food prep in or you wanna start soon as.
    I am away for a bookclub weekend this fri/sat, but I can start on Monday if you like.
    Monday can be our start date. Yay.
    Let me know.
    Lets kick some major ass.


  14. i really love cows for some reason and your pics of course!!

    sally's pic is fantastic! :)

  15. Hope you keep a few of the Crawchies until I get there. How's the year-book coming along?

  16. Hey Fiona,

    I thought of you while I was on vacation last week. While we were waiting to go to the airport, we saw a show on TV about a huge cattle "cruise" ship. It was very interesting to see this 100 million dollar ship that transports cattle from Australia. It was so neat to see the Australian cowboys loading all the animals and going with them, how the animals are cared for and fed, where they stay. It was very interesting...

    Have a great day!



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