Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A Brief Comment on Commenting

Once upon a time I started a blog.
The inspiration came from my brother-in-law who kept a blog on the activity of his farm-life interstate.
It provided us with a great insight into his life,
so very different from our own.

And so I started this blog, 
with the main objective being to provide our far-flung family with a glimpse of what we get up to,
and most importantly a means of keeping track of our ever-growing children.

 In the process I have created a wonderful photo album of our lives.

Of the many bonuses created from this venture,
the best has certainly been the wonderful friendships formed.
Something I hadn't counted on.

Nor had I expected to receive comments on my posts.
Which is the reason for this post.
In the past I haven't responded to comments, either by email or any other form.
Which doesn't feel quite right.
A little like somebody saying hello in the street, and me turning my head the other way.

So in an effort to right this wrong,
I will endeavour to respond within the comments myself.
Particularly when there are questions asked.

So thankyou to all of you people out there ... somewhere,
who either follow, or comment.
I really love hearing from you, and am grateful if images of my hooligan children bring a smile to your face.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday Fiona - I know what you mean about commenting 'etiquette' I never know what to do! I try and answer any questions in my comments now also, I never used to.

  2. Your hooligan children, your inquisitive cattle, your adventures on horseback or four wheels, your cooking, your open skies and flowers by the tank stand... you are about five years ahead of us in what we hope to achieve here, Fiona... you're a source of great inspiration. gxo

  3. Oh, Fiona, you sweetheart. I am amazed you even have the time to blog at all, let alone comment. I adore your blog - you know that. J x

  4. Do you have an email I can reply to??

  5. Good question, Cassie - I was just hunting for it, too! J x

  6. Indeed Emma, blogging has opened a whole new chapter of 'etiquette rules' to be learnt, and much of it comes down to how much time one can spend in front of the screen!

    Georgie, you are creating a wonderful life for your girls. I wish you well with it.

    Cassie and Jane, I have added my email to my profile page. Hope that helps.

  7. Fiona
    Your blogging efforts are an inspiration to all. The detail is amazing.
    Thanks for the pig story, it reignited some weird memories from the 1950's.
    I have sent you and Sharon an e-mail.
    Colin (HB)

  8. I have been following you all for a while and you are the first one I look at every morning. What a strong and graceful person you are! You both are inspirations to parents everywhere and kudos to you and all your hard working family. Congratulations on starting your new chapter with your new property!
    I follow you from Florida, USA.

  9. I really really enjoy your blog - especially the photos. I am not good at commenting on people's blogs but this is just to let you know I visit your blog every day!

  10. Hi Fiona, I started my blog for all the same reasons - to keep interstate family in the loop and to make a record of our day to day lives, which felt like they were just slipping past too quickly and somehow unacknowledged (maybe that's a mum-at-home-thing...)

    It's become so much more - the community of bloggers has been such a surprise. The comments and the connection have been fantastic.

  11. Such a lovely blog you have! Love to read and comment here :O)

  12. Comments really do add an extra dimension to blogging. They make it much more personal and connected to those reading your blog and now that you have your email enabled you'll probably find that you have so many more interactions behind the scenes as well. I really enjoy your beautiful, beautiful photos and snippets of life in the country, which secretly (or not so secretly really) I dream of doing myself.

  13. Fiona - all I can say is that it is always a pleasure to read (and comment) on your blog!

  14. agree with what everyone else has said! and I enjoy seeing the "same but differents" between your part of the world and mine (hooligan children included!) the bonuses from blogging are indeed surprising.

  15. I too, enjoy seeing the way things are done in your part of the world, and enjoying your pictures, and stories!
    Thanks for always stopping by the blog when you can, I love it all just the same! :)

  16. Dear Fiona, Love your blog, I read it every time you post and your photos are wonderful. I understand. I have got to get better about answering the comments left on my blog, I love getting them, but I'm really bad about answering or leaving comments on others. I would blog even if I didn't get any comments, But their the icing on the cake and I just love the people who leave them.

  17. I love reading your blog, so interesting. So different and yet the same as farm life here.

  18. Well thank you so much everybody for your very kind responses. I hope you realise I wasn't just looking for praise, just wanted you to know I'm going to try harder to respond to comments. We'll see how that goes!

  19. Hello, I have just found your blog and I love it!
    What a wonderful family you have, thank you for sharing it with the world.

  20. Im glad we found each others blog. Such different lives we live but the most important thing in common...a love of the life we have with our families. Its been great getting to know you...heres to blogland :)

  21. I love stopping in here and seeing your fantastic pictures and seeing what ranching looks like in your neck of the woods!

  22. Fiona, although our lifestyles are similar, we are very different. I enjoy seeing and learning how farming/ranching is done in 'the land down-under'. And your beautiful family, are a joy to watch. Thank you for sharing your life with me.



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