Saturday, 2 April 2011

I recently read that the best way to ensure proper development and practice of fine motor skills in children is to promote the most functional use of a child's hands.
With an unprecedented wet season behind us, and mildew upon my walls, it would seem 'the most functional use of a child's hands' at this moment in time is as follows.

It is stated that "childhood is the critical time to properly develop the intrinsic muscles
of their hands which will be used for the rest of their lives in essential functional activities".

I'm all for it.

This morning's motor skill session went well.

Although I'm recommending a follow up session tomorrow.

Particularly for Harry Potter slash Ben10 who was more interested in cognitive development activities this morning, rather than motor skills.


  1. Far more useful than making play dough snakes.

    We believe in child labour here on The Farm too!

  2. I have only just come from a tentative swipe at a window frame to see how well the mildew here would come off - but decided that I really should wait until we had a nice sunny day to make my work worthwhile! (in the meantime, feel free to send your kids my way, and they can show my lot how its done! and all while aiding their developement!)

  3. love it think i should do that with my boys....well done everyone the walls look great.....would love you to check out my blog

  4. I like your thinking, Fiona. I'll have to remember this when the kids get sick of helping with the wood...which usually doesn't take too long.

  5. Excellent work. Mine have been helping with housework since about 7y.o. They're now completely able to clean a bathroom, dust, sweep, vacuum, wash windows and wash up. Of course not always done perfectly, but every bit helps! BTW, my boy also tries to find an alternative to cleaning too!



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