Monday, 18 April 2011

Monday afternoons...

particularly those that are cool and rainy,

and leading into Easter

are best spent in a cosy kitchen
being warmed by an oven

Honey Jumbles
from a new cookbook
just brimming with tempting delights.

Of course one must have an offsider to share the joy.


  1. Wish I lived close enough to pop in for afternoon tea!

  2. OMG Fiona, those biscuits look utterly amazing. I am also wishing I lived down the road!! (desperately)

  3. Always need an offsider. Mine is my beautiful Mia! Mimi x

  4. So Fiona you are getting this rain also!
    What breed of duck do you expect to become?
    I am thinking I might become a Khaki Campbell, then I can really quack a lot!
    Started again on Saturday, and today just hasn't let up!
    I have never experienced this type of weather before in Australia - Papua New Guinea yes, but here NEVER!
    I'm off to SA next week - Adelaide, Burra ( a must see historical place - please note) and the Barossa. God help SA if this rain follows me there.
    Have fun with the cakes/biscuits - does it take your mind off the rain???
    Colin (HB)

  5. Honey Jumbles! I could eat them by the packet!

    I just know yours would be so much more scrumptious.

    Oh, honey jumbles! They look so amazing!

  6. I have not tried honey jumbles before but the sight of your ones make me want to try them :)
    Baking is not the same without an offsider.

  7. Ooooh. Any good macaroon flavour combinations? I have been on the look out for a good macaroon book!

  8. I was going to suggest it might be a book that would interest Meg but I see she's beaten me to it! They look really smooth and glossy and pretty.

  9. now they can't be good for a woman on a special diet! ;-) look utterly delicious...

    once again its raining down your way, we managed to get just enough - 50 points - at my parents place (nothing here to water the lawn of course! grr) to get soaking wet loading cattle and bog the truck at the loading ramp...managed to get away with assistance of grader etc, but not without my thinking about the many dollars worth of cattle sitting on an immobile truck!

  10. mmmmm....honey jumbles, my all-time favourite biscuit! Yours look too good to eat (though that wouldn't stop me - just saying!).
    And they'd be the sugar free, low fat type right? lol

  11. Yummo!! Is there no end to your cleverness?? That cake book looks very, very inviting. I can only imagine how heavenly the honey jumbles smelt as they baked. Hmmm, glorious! Meredy xo.



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