Sunday, 10 April 2011

Red Velvet if you please

I hadn't heard of Red Velvet Cake until I started exploring international cooking blogs in recent times.
But it seems to be an American favourite.
And now I can understand why.
While I find the colour a little offensive, the texture and flavour of the cake are amazing to say the least.

However, a word of advice...

... don't lift the head of the mixer while the beaters are still spinning.


  1. NO! I don't care who died so that you could make that cake!

    It looks SENSATIONAL!

    Have you ever made one of those rainbow cakes? (I'd love to destroy that recipe.)

  2. haha, that's hilarious, makes a great photo and the cake looks wonderful.

  3. Oh I've heard so much about the red velvet cake! I'm inspired to make one now, red food colouring and all :) Ha ha I love your carnage photo, your kitchen is the same colour as mine so I'll be sure to take heed!

  4. It's gorgeous! The cake NOT the mess although you do have a pretty mess;)

  5. Ah...saw this in the latest Womens Weekly and was going to give it a try!
    Oh...and the kitchenaide is on order for Mothers Day...along with a promise of much baking :)

  6. Oh my! Fiona, you make me laugh. Now I'll have to Google it - it looks delish! So glad you included the 'carnage' photo - keeping it real ☺. J x

  7. I had an accident similar to this, but it involved a tomatoe sauce recipe, and it ended up on the ceiling.



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