Friday, 29 April 2011

A Short Week

With two public holidays starting this week,
and children returning to school Wednesday,
it's been an ongoing dilemma
simply knowing what day of the week it is.

Children donning sports shirts this morning
made it so much easier for me to realise it is indeed Friday.

This week has seen some weaning take place

with babies unsettled,

still searching furtively for Mama.

Sale heifers were brought home from Chabo.
These are two of three destined for a stud female sale in July.

Beautiful Priscilla has had a sore foot and is currently un-milkable
due to a penicillin injection with a fourteen day milk witholding period.
All enjoying black tea at the moment.

Meanwhile, cows and calves are showing signs of the wonderful season we've enjoyed.
Fat cows

with even fatter calves.
Happy days.

And then, just because

wandering around the garden

is so much more enjoyable than

mopping floors, washing clothes

or spraying weeds,
I did just that,
with camera in hand.

These red potted roses needed to be watered for the first time this year.
Further evidence of the incredible rainfall this Summer.

This long weekend we head back to Bottle Tree Creek, cross-branding cows that became ours today, sorting equipment to come home and revelling in the excitement of our new purchase.

Here's to short weeks and long weekends.


  1. Your photos are so clear and beautiful!! I just did the weed spraying thing as well. But it took both of my hands :O) All back to normal next week - thankfully.

  2. thanks for your lovely blog. i love love love seeing the cattle and the roses. having married a 'bushie' this time around, our dream is to have some paddocks one day. we are city dwellers for now though (Brissie) and with a growing garden with some herbs and vege and two chooks out the back, we call it our city farm. have a nice long weekend. Jane x

  3. Oh look at your gorgeous flowers....I hope they smell as heavenly as they look.

  4. beautiful roses...i can almost smell them!!

    ya'll have a lovely weekend and break from school~

  5. healthy looking roses and very healthy looking calves! (wish my roses were looking as good, however I have decided that roses require too much attention for this lazy gardener!)

    congratulations on hand over day.

  6. Your roses are a picture. (The cows are too, probably, to the trained eye!) It's not quite May and already I'm having to water my garden. Unbelievable. We've had hardly any rain for more than 2 months. Hope it continues at least until after my holiday!

  7. Cracking photos and a cracking blog, keep up the good work

  8. love cows...seriously i do...could so easily be a country girl!!!!
    and those pink roses...sigh...would love them in my garden :)



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