Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Slip-Slidin' Along

As well as the more conventional benefits of a wonderful wet season, such as by-washing dams, paddocks filled with abundant feed, a re-filled underground water table, overflowing rainwater tanks and fat livestock, there's also the opportunity for increased levels of incidental exercise,

brought about by this scenario, replayed over the weekend after having only just retrieved this vehicle from a bog at Chabo the weekend prior.

Perhaps just unlucky, Matthew was driving on both occasions.

The long walk home does lend itself to some rather beautiful scenery.

And of course the opportunity for an up-close inspection of livestock.

And vice-versa.

Having enjoyed two full days of sunshine this week, the skies have darkened again today with the threat of more rain to come.

With luck, our four-wheeler should be out of the shop in time for the next onslaught.


  1. Fiona
    Good God, you still have plenty of water around.
    What is the mosquito situation like? Or are they doing aerial spraying like they do with the locusts swarms?
    The countryside certainly looks lush and the cattle are in really good condition - a "BOVINE PARADISE", no doubt.

  2. hey there, im off to seach your blog to find out what sort of cattle they are, they look very cute with their long ears..

  3. what a beautiful country we live in!!!

  4. Unlucky? Hmm, i'll leave it at that! Great photos. The countryside and cattle look fantastic. You guys will have webbed feet soon, just like my new ducks.

  5. wow cant imagine all that rain! I dont like that kind of forced excersize!

  6. BEAUTIFUL! You land is just amazingly lush and the cattle are outstanding! WOW!


  7. :-) so kind of you to point out who was driving - and LUCKY for you hey?! not having nearly as much rain as you, haven't come close to getting bogged this season...but not so long ago I "nearly" bogged the 4wd four wheeler...and didn't I do some fast work to get un bogged very smartly before the husband came along!
    and because I am lazy: congrats x 4 to all kids on their cross country!



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