Monday, 11 April 2011

Steadying the Lead...

... is a very serious job.

Especially when you're six.

Always keeping an eye out over your shoulder,
checking what the mob's doing.

Making sure the tail's keeping up. 

For a mob of cattle can only travel at the speed of the slowest animal.

and it's the job of your lead man to monitor that pace. 

No time for thinking about what's for smoko, what are the others doing, wondering where the dogs are. 

Just concentrate on the task at hand.
Keep them moving nice and slow.

It can be a lonely job in the lead.
Especially when you're six.

Which is why it's particularly nice when Dad sometimes sneaks
up to keep you company for part of the way.


  1. I love your photos, just gorgeous country side.

  2. You have a wonderful life on the farm.
    Do you or offer home-stays? I would pay to experience all of it with my family.

  3. now if Sally's lovely pony goes missing overnight you will know its because I've come down there and stolen it1 ;-) champion horse - and what an important job the lead is. Possibly not as exciting as the wing or the tail (all going well) but vital non-the-less! I saw my own 6 year old taking the lead on foot this morning, while her brother and sister brought up the tail - taking the neighbours milker and numerous poddies down the flat. Hilarious - and making this mumma proud all at the same time!

  4. Very interesting blog, I like it!

  5. Fun! Our boys are lovin' getting to ride along trailing the herd up. Making good cowboys. Looks like your kiddos are doing good!! :)

  6. I'm amazed and envious all at the same time. Our six-year-olds have to be so protected, they rarely taste that freedom or that responsibility. But she looks well able to do that - good for her.

  7. Here we call that "riding point". You have such good looking horses there in Australia.....looks like a lot of thourobred influence.

  8. Great report Fiona. Your children look like they were born in a saddle, they show maturity well advanced for their ages.
    Beautiful looking steeds, especially the grey ridden by your husband and the countryside looks so wonderfully lush.


  9. What a rich life your children have!!

  10. A wonderful picture story. How confident does she look at six. Congrats to the parents. A great life for kids.

  11. Looks like she was made for it; and it's all so peaceful. Love the picture of Dad and daughter together.

  12. I'm so envious of your families life, tough times & wonderful times, your kids a reso lucky & I'm so glad I discovered your blog, thanks to madam restora!

  13. How fun! and looks like she is doing a fine job!



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