Monday, 18 April 2011

Sunday Afternoons...

are usually not too different from Tuesday afternoons, or Thursdays for that matter.
Except yesterday.
When we met some friends at a creek on their place for an afternoon barbecue.
Sarah and Jessie are in town helping Grandad run the river in search of mud-crabs.
While these youngest two enjoyed

all of the attention.

Firstly, manning the crawchie pots,

which resulted in no crawchies, but a few small trapped perch.

And then a spot of hand-line fishing

resulting in a slightly larger perch
and a couple of very happy campers.

After a beautiful barbecue lunch

there was nothing left to do

but skip some rocks.

A grand afternoon had by all.


  1.! I haven't done any fishing of any kind for five years! I envy your children!! Looks like they had a blast!!

  2. That looks so lovely...what a great afternoon. We spent our Sunday afternoon burning big piles of leaves around the house, my kids loved it.

  3. Very tranquil... Mr SJW is a champion rock skimmer from many an afternoon spent in a similar fashion on the river that runs through his parents' property... gxo

  4. Kids and water. Looks like a beautiful spot to spend an afternoon.

  5. Oh my! be still my heart. Look at your gorgeous cherubs wearing country cowboy hats! I am so loving these pictures and you are making me want to move to the country so much more. I sure miss it. The stillness, the time spent with nature....divine! Naomi x

  6. I love fishing but the husband just calls it "feeding mosquitoes" so we don't often go.

  7. ah, now that is my kind of afternoon, no matter what day of the week (and yes, every afternoon is about the same in these parts too) except I am fairly certain our creeks aren't as pretty or run as clear up here! we are contemplating a similar activity over easter...hope we are more successful in our fishing/yabby catching than your kids!

  8. I have never fished before but spent many hours in creeks as a kid skimming stones and dipping my toes :)
    I never tire of looking at the environment that you live in, just beautiful.

  9. Blogs looking great Fiona, great pics.

  10. I grew up on the banks of a river; your post really takes me back. Thanks for the memories.

  11. A first time visitor who is feeling very inspired by your gorgeous photographs and the childhood memories your children are making :)



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