Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sundays ...

... are a great day to spend in the kitchen.
None moreso than particularly cool, drizzly Sundays too wet for outdoor pursuits.
Made even more tempting by the presence of  a newly installed oven.
Calling my name.

Unfortunately my older girls believed it to be calling their names.

Jessie churning out these gorgeous 'fairy cakes'

and Sarah, her Dad's favourite Choc-Mint Slice

All in agreement that Dad did a top-rate job

installing our newest appliance.

And as the aroma of baking chicken comes wafting from the kitchen,
I'm pleased to report my turn finally came around.


  1. Gas stove eh!
    Well I hope that your meter reader can read.
    Not like the "bums" here in Brisbane.
    For years when working I never questioned the ludicrous bills! Then after retiring I did. So my amazement the meter was all blank!
    Covered in condensation!
    Then second excuse - a savage dog!!! You can't have dogs in units ( apartments) - so took ages to sort out the mess. I got apologies - they kept the money.
    The last stunt they tried was that the floods stopped them being able to check????
    No flooding in my "neck of the woods".
    Anyhow to have a quarterly account drop from $350 to $80 is not bad????
    Watch carefully your meter reader, they are contract workers.
    Good luck.

  2. No problems with meter-readers here Colin, we just change the gas bottle when we run low.

  3. Ooh, lovely! What a productive family. So, dinner and dessert's all covered. I think Dad had alterior motives for installing the oven!

  4. hmm, I do believe your girls bake better than I do (and obviously share their mother's love of cooking!) perhaps I should send my girls to your place for a baking boot camp and then they can do the baking for me!

  5. Yum! Yum! and more Yum!

    What a lovely way to spend a rainy day.

    Felicity x

  6. Glad you got your stove. It's chocolate chip cookies and banana bread here today. (And it's above zero!)

  7. I have cooked on propane forever! Love it! I'm not much of a fan electric stove fan.


  8. So exciting. I think it is great you bake with the kids. My kids think you open a box from the store for baked goods - I still haven't figured out how to use my UK stove properly :)

  9. Couldn't think of a nicer way to spend a cool drizzly day :)
    My kiddies love to bake too.



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