Tuesday, 26 April 2011

When Good Friday's Go Bad

We had Easter at Chabo, my parents' property which joins Bottle Tree Creek, the property we are acquiring this Friday.  We had young bulls to muster and sort in anticipation of this year's sale season, choosing which bulls will suit which sale, which bulls will be available for paddock sale, which bulls will meet their destiny via the meatworks.  They're kinda the short straw yard.  We also got cows in off the mountain, taking a load out of them for the meatworks, before heading to Bottle Tree Creek to muster and count cattle there prior to purchase. 

While not so many years ago we always mustered this place with horses, a combination of time restraints, children and perhaps age/wisdom have resulted in us using bikes these days.  I tag along in the wagon, picking wildflowers, taking photos, singing along to the radio,

... sliding into washouts.

With driver's side door fimly wedged against terra firma, I clambered over gear stick and handbrake making my way through skyward pointing passenger door, wondering what the best approach might be with the boss.  I was to meet Matthew at a dam still many miles away, and set about walking to a closer water, to await his return.  Thankfully he had come upon a small group of cattle closer and was bringing them onto the same water.  I wondered just how much trouble I was going to find myself in, when his mob of fourteen cows noticed lone walking woman in the wilderness, Steel the not-so-much-a-wonderdog by my side and split in fourteen directions.  Fortunately I made it to a large tree and waited for Matthew and Fred the Wonderdog to find me, out of sight of bovines.  As they came closer and I stepped from behind tree, over the noise of the bike I could still make out the words "What have you done"?, as the midday sun bounced off the angled roof of the Nissan some several hundred yards away and hit said boss in eye.

As he motioned for me to hop on behind, it became a frantic competition for position with Fred the wonderdog, Steel the not-so-much-a-wonderdog and myself all vying for top spot.  Within several hundred yards I'd managed to dislodge both of them and was clutching for dear life, fingers entwined through one of Matthew's belt loops, other gripping to rack behind bike, which was imprinting its pattern into my rear end.

On a positive note, we managed a clean muster and vehicle has since been removed with minimal damage. 
Marital relations are returning to normal.


  1. Never a dull moment, eh. Glad you got her dug out and that marital bliss is returning.

  2. I've done that.... So has The Farmer.

    Glad you were Ok.

  3. Ah Fiona, spicing up one's marriage is a an admirable trait - well done on your creativity, I'm not sure I would have thought of sliding a vehicle into a washout ;)
    Loving as always your words,
    A x

  4. I laughed out loud Fiona, you have put to words SO many similar occassions - different places and vehicles, but the same reaction:

    I put a small bend on the tractor chimney thing over two years ago, and I am still hearing about it...and more recently, being instructed on driving our truck, which has WAY too many gear splitting thingies, and husband gives WAY too many instructions about applying said gear splitting things. lets just say that it didn't go well, and marital relations were far less strained when "we" decided that instructions best not continue ;-)

    and in your defence - how could you possibly see the washout, with all of that grass! (and also reflecting on your comment about holding onto belt loops and any other handhold - thought that only happened at our place, when my husband forgets that he is no longer a rally car drive from his mispent youth!)

    great post, I am still chuckling to myself!

  5. Oh my goodness! You are a strong woman. I just can't believe what you do on a daily basis!

    You're amazing. That incident with the 4WD would have done me in.

  6. LOL I'm glad I'm not the only one that has situations like this....Glad things went well!

  7. Phew! I can feel the stress. Mimi xx

  8. Well at least the muster went well! Welcome Back.

  9. I note many of the 'farming' wives can well relate!
    After my beloved had bogged the same vehicle twice in the past month, it seemed the admirable thing for me to do. Took the pressure off him I guess.

  10. Yes most farm wives have experienced similar incidents! Mine was with a tractor.



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