Sunday, 22 May 2011

A Brief Escape

In an attempt to escape this,

albeit temporarily, I hitched a ride west with Matthew this week.  Dropping kids at Nanny and Grandad's, we continued on to Alpha, where their annual Show was in progress. Matthew was attending to buy cattle at the Show Sale, I was keen for a gander at the Brahman Feature Show.

As well as a beautiful array of Brahman cattle,

red and

grey, there were some teddy bear types (more commonly known as Romagnolas)

who'd obviously been rubbing their soft white faces on the hitching rail.

This wasn't a cow.

And upon my return, my laundry was just as I'd left it.


  1. Don't you hate it when The Washing Fairy doesn't come??

  2. I don't think you have enough denim.

    I thought you were going to say you hitched a ride west to the Just Jeans Mid-Year Clearance for some more jeans!

    I could hug one of those teddy bear cow creatures. We don't eat them? Do we?

  3. 1. welcome back!
    2. hmm, your laundry pile looks suspiciously similar to mine. Summer washing = far less denim in the pile!
    3. Didn't realise that Alpha had a show, let alone a Brahman Feature Show! Do excuse my ignorance.
    4. have the greatest respect for anyone that can stay seated on an often excited show hack in those rather minimal saddles...I do love my kneepads!
    5.Westech Field Days are this year?! might see you there! ;-) I'll be the one in blue jeans and a hat...hee hee!

  4. The Brahmas are gorgeous animals!! I too, don't like when the laundry Fairy doesn't show up. And of course when the men in this house have broken index fingers!

  5. Why does laundry ALWAYS do that?? ;)))))))

  6. Wow, that's quite a pile of denim you've got there! It's funny how the washing never does itself isn't it? Good to hear you got to spend a few days away with Matthew. I want to kiss the top of the head of the red brahman!

  7. that Mt. Washmore can just bugger off, eh?
    It reared it's ugly head round here today. Hence - wash wash wash fold fold fold.... ALLLLLL DAY.
    And it still aint done!



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