Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Caramelised Apple Clafoutis

It's a very rare occasion that we eat dessert in this household.  More to do with Mother's waistline anxiety than anything else.

But sometimes during the cooler months we like to partake in a little warming treat.  Something sweet, gooey and warm.  Caramel Dumplings are probably the all-time favourite, served with custard and cream. 
But this week we tried something different.  Not a pressing desire to sample Clafoutis, but more that we happened to have all the required ingredients on hand. And it contains five Red Delicious Apples,

health food in anybody's book.
The apples are peeled, cored, chopped,

then caramelised in brown sugar and butter.

What's not to love so far.

A batter somewhat resembling a thick pikelet mix is then made and poured over the caramelised apples placed in a suitable dish, then baked. 

The batter rises, lifting the apples upward, shouting their healthiness in the process.

Served with custard and fresh cream, it gained the tick of approval from the hungry hordes.


  1. Something that good can't possibly contain any calories. ;)

  2. Fiona, that looks amazingly delicious!

  3. Fiona

    Are you a "food torturer"?
    First that beautiful roast chicken and now this!!!
    Wait till my Toowong butcher hears about this. It is Toowong shopping day today! No imbibing for you today in the R E Beer garden!
    I was sympathic about all that washing, that has been wiped away! Sorry.
    Calories!!!! It is FULL of them.
    Hope you enjoyed the dessert?
    Colin (HB)

  4. Good grief that looks delicious. You're obviously a good cook because you can be quite vague with the ingredients and measurements ... that shows a skilled professional. I don't even know how I'd make batter.

  5. I would kill, kill, for a serve of that come 8pm, little kids in bed & sat in front of my favourite shows. OMG. Delicious.


  6. What?!!! Eating dessert is rare? We have dessert every night in this household! And your delicious clafoutis would go down beautifully.

    Caramel dumplings are Mr SJW's speciality, one of a handful, but they are so rich I think I've only ever had them once!


  7. Sounds delicious I might just have to make it this weekend :0)



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