Thursday, 5 May 2011

Finger-Lickin' Good

American country music star Miranda Lambert was interviewed recently for a 'Health' magazine and extolled the virtues of eating meat.  She was quoted as saying "There are some animals you feed and some animals that feed you".

A concept my kids completely understand.

This latest round of meat chickens travelled home from town with me yesterday evening.  Like children, the initial chirping and excitement eventually gave way to sleeping on the long trip home.

They spent the night in the laundry, and everybody was up early for a cuddle.

In ten short weeks they will grow into these handsome devils.

These first five chickens finally entered the freezer earlier this week.  And as I stepped inside last night the aroma of roasting chicken met me at the door.

Not only can he ride rank horses, he doesn't do a bad Roast Chook.


  1. I can't believe those chickens grow so quickly ... you could probably almost see it happen before your eyes.

    I love how you're matter-of-fact about where our dinners come from ... you're so right. It's easy to forget that the mince in the Woolies meat section was once, possibly, one of your cows.

    Your animals do grow up on a nice farm with lovely children, so that's one thing you can console them with before they heard to the abattoir!

  2. The roast chook looks yum. I agree with MMMC that it is amazing how quickly meat chickens grow!

    Obviously no illusions here as to where meat comes from either.

    Take care.

  3. no illusions here either, although the kids and I were reluctant for our Pig Pig (aren't we original with names?!) to meet his fate. Although I have to say, he was very tasty!

  4. Do they really grow that big so fast? Wow.

    I love the idea of raising our own 'meat' but am not sure how I would go with the animal to table process.

  5. Fiona!!!!!!
    How can you do this to me? A magnificent bird and I can taste ( oops saliver) at the look of that beautiful skin! I am an absolute dud at chicken roasting, however my pork roasts are excellent ( well someone has to boast!). It is really amazing how fast those "hybrid" chickens grow.
    So next venture to Toowong and the cheeky butcher, then the RG, I will have to toast the butcher, due to this latest cooking exhibition! Sorry, but it is all your fault.
    Pity I can't grab the chicken off this blog!

  6. Hm, versatile in the kitchen as well? He's a keeper then!

  7. :) nothin' like a home grown chicken!



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