Sunday, 8 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day

"A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of cake for five people, promptly announces she never did care for cake".
Tenneva Jordan

No quote sums up my mother more perfectly.  Always putting everybody before herself, she has been an amazing mother, friend and role model.

Part of the joy of my day was spending half of it with her. 
As well as coffee and cake, we did cattle-work and cross-branding.

Nan kept them working up the crush with Jess at her side.
My mum's an incredible woman, as mentioned here in January last year when she suffered a particularly frightening health scare.
We value her every day.

My team delighted me with a myriad of home-made gifts,

Wallace, receiving the Most Improved Award
after last year's effort:

Two weeks into the acquisition of Bottle Tree Creek, we've so far experienced the death of a Charbray bull, a heifer with a broken leg and today's joyful re-insertion of a uterine prolapse.
Hopefully, the old adage that these things happen in threes is correct.

The kids and I made it home with a couple of hours of daylight to spare.  Matthew headed in a different direction, show judging duties pulling him south.  
A team of famished farm animals greeted us at Rock Wallaby, four sale bulls contentedly camped on the front lawn having broken the garden gate.  A rather astounding quantity of organic fertiliser having been spread over the lawn. 

With just enough daylight to squeeze in mowing the yard, I entered the house to find Jessie cooking sausages, mashed potato and pumpkin for tea.
With some leftover Red Velvet Cake for dessert
I couldn't have wished for more.


  1. Gosh, wasn't your uterus I hope:) I absolutely adore the descriptions you have of your day. It sounds like enough work for a week, yet you make it sound so matter-of-fact. I think Dave should send me to your place to get a good hard look at myself and pull my socks up in the productivity area. As always, you're an inspiration!! Much love on Mother's Day. Meredy xo.
    p.s. I think I must be a bad mother...I think I could just about say "I never did care for cake"...but not without tears.

  2. boy, you've covered a lot of ground very skillfully in this post ! (and happy mothers day to you too!)

    You do have a way with words - after seeing a not so fresh uterine prolapse (as kids we called them "inside-out") come through the yards not so long ago, there isn't anything joyful about them at all. Except possibly getting to the cow early enough to put her insides back where they belong.

    you seem to have taken the free fertilising of your lawn rather calmly: I fear for the state of your roses and many other shrub that is delectable to bovine palettes!

  3. Oh last year's card made me laugh out loud! How lovely that you got to spend the day working side by side with your lovely mum, and to have your big girl cook you dinner. Happy mothers day Fiona!

  4. HMD to you and your Mum. Make the most of that fertilizer, after all they brought it into the yard for you! Have a good week.

  5. Meredith, happy to report my uterus is just how it's meant to be ... empty and internal.

    Sharon, it wasn't particularly fresh but went back in easily. Our stitching method involves two ear tags strategically placed ... always makes me flinch.

    Happy Mother's Day Sarah and Mare ... I count my blessings every day that I have my Mum, and am also grateful to have had daughters.

  6. Beautiful Roses, sounds like quite a day, Happy Mothers Day.

  7. I like the roses as well, and the card is priceless!!! Yikes hope all the bad luck is over, we havent had a utering prolapse in so long and I hope its a long time till we get another.

  8. What a wonderful family - all those capable women and card making boys! Just wonderful.

    Uterine prolapses must be the thing of nightmares! For all involved. "In Utero! Get back in utero!"

  9. Fiona, the quote is great and the roses are beautiful. Do you grow them yourself?

    My younger son came to me on Sunday crying "Suprise, suprise" and presented me with a handmade card that he prepared at school. I was really touched. The mother's day is not that common here, we used to celebrate the women's day and the children's day, but I like this "new" tradition...

  10. so very, very sweet. your mom sounds like an amazing woman!

    i love your homemade cards :)

  11. Love those roses! so gorgeous and I love the cards from your cherubs - especially the card that says sorry - priceless :) N x

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  13. lovely post Fiona....I love the card heaps, because I got the exact same card from my 7yr old son..sounds like you had a great mothersday..cheers.

  14. Wow! What a day! I'm sure it's not easy, but it sure sounds like a romantic life to me! Thanks for sharing it with us!



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